China Aviation Lithium Battery (Jiangsu) Industrial Park Project

Description of the China Aviation Lithium Battery (Luoyang) Industrial Park planning and design scheme

I. Project Overview

The project has a planned land area of about 700,000 square meters (about 1049 mu), with a total planned investment of 12.5 billion yuan, which is constructed in three phases. After construction, it will achieve an annual output of 12 billon watts-hour lithium batteries.

The project complies with the international VDA standard, and uses lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials, the two material systems, to produce L135N72C and L148N37A metal housing products, and thus forming the obvious advantages of serialized production. The project is in accordance with the advanced production line standards at home and abroad, and combines independent research and development and the introduction of domestic and foreign technologies. It is currently the largest lithium industry base in China.

The project is planned to be constructed in three phases:

According to the plan, the first phase has three battery production plants (including scientific research building and supporting station building, warehouses and module integration plants), 3D garages, with an annual output of 2.5 billion watts hour metal housing single-cell batteries and integrated modules. The second phase has a planned capacity of 4.5 billion watts hour, and the third phase has a planned production capacity of 5 billion watts hour.