JONHON Technology Industry Base Project

Project Overview

The project is located in Luoyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which stretches to the trunk road of the city's landscape - Peony Avenue in the north, to the trunk road of the city - Guanlin Road in the south, next to the planned branch road of the city - Jingsan Road in the west, and adjacent to the secondary trunk road - Yuwenkai Street in the east, enjoying convenient transportation and superior location. The project has a total planed land area of about 17.086 ha. The land is basically rectangular in shape, with a north-south length of about 679 meters, and east-west width of 258 meters. The city’s planned branch road - Zhenxing Road, passes across the middle of the base, dividing the base into northern and southern parts.

The project covers 170863.274㎡ equivalent to 256.295 mu, with a total planned floor area of about 200,000 square meters. It mainly produces optical communication products.