SGMW Hexi base project environmental impact report

SGMW has three production bases: Liuzhou Hexi, Baojun and Qingdao. The company has a modern production pattern with stamping, body, painting, general assembly as the main business, wherein the Hexi base is divided into east plant, west plant, and engine plant; the whole vehicle production scale has reached 810,000 / year, and that of engines is 870,000 / year.

This project actively implements product structure adjustment based on the existing car engines of SGMW, to achieve new turbocharged engine development and the technological innovation of quantified production in order to meet the new national standard requirements for fuel consumption, with an annual capacity of 350,000 units of B15T, B12T and B10T turbocharged engines.

In February 2015, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Liuzhou approved the environmental impact report of the project with the document coded of Liu Huan Shen Zi [2015] No. 38.