SGMW third base construction project environmental impact report

Since its inception in June 2002, SGMW has been taking advantage of all parties of the joint venture, maintaining the concept of serving individual automobile consumer market with low-cost goods and services, and striving to become the domestic leading company with international competitiveness in the mini-car area. Through years of development, SGMW has owned two production bases located in Liuzhou (Corporate Headquarters) and Qingdao.

In order to meet market needs and achieve the strategic layout of business development, SGMW started to build the third base (Chongqing) construction project at Longsheng Zone of Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing, which is in the east of Liangjiang Avenue, south of the airport east contact line, and west of the Beltway Highway of the city. The project has a planned investment of 3,793,455,000 yuan, with a maximum whole-vehicle and supporting engine production capacity of 400,000 sets / year. The production program is to produce 322,500 vehicles and 350,000 engines in three shifts in 250 days annually.

In January 2013, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Chongqing approved the environmental impact report of the project with the document coded of Yu Huan Zhun [2013] No. 018.