SGMW Baojun Phase II vehicle construction project environmental impact report

SGMW has three production bases: Liuzhou Hexi, Baojun and Qingdao. The company has a modern production pattern with stamping, body, painting, general assembly as the main business, wherein the Liuzhou Hexi base and the Baojun base both has a production capacity of 1.13 million, and the Qingdao base has a capacity of 540,000.

To further consolidate the dominant position on the market, SGMW plans to invest 4,040,105,000 yuan, to purchase some land in the Baojun base at Liudong New Area in Liuzhou, in addition to the existing reserved land, to build new press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly plant and auxiliary warehouses on the basis of the first phase of the project, and build a new public system, plant roads, station building, pipe networks and plant area logistics and other public facilities, and implement the second phase of Baojun whole vehicle production project. A new passenger car design capacity of 322,500 set/year has been set.

In December 2014, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region approved the environmental impact report of the project with the document coded of Gui Huan Shen [2014] No. 206.