Environmental Impact Report on the construction projects of Junji Pavilion and Junji Temple in Junji Peak,

Henan Songshan Scenic Area Management Committee

Environmental Impact Report on the construction projects of Junji Pavilion and Junji Temple in Junji Peak, Songshan Mountain

Songshan Mountain is located at the north central part of Henan province, southwest to provincial capital of Zhengzhou, east to ancient capital of Luoyang, south of the Yellow River, northwest to Wei capital Xuchang. It belongs to a part of Waifang Mountain, north part of Funiu Mountain of Qinling Mountains. The main parts of Songshan Mountain are Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain, and the two mountains are opposite, 8.5 km between them, about 20 km from west to east, and about 15 km from south to the north. Songshan has rich historical and cultural heritage, with unique location. For years of protection and construction, it has been awarded the titles of scenic spots, national forest park, world geological park, etc..

The proposed project is located in Taishi Mountain, Songshan Mountains, with a total investment of 30 million yuan. The total area is 12593.2m2, including 11100m2 of Junji Temple scenic spots and 1493.2m of Junji Pavilion scenic spots. Junji Temple scenic spots mainly include 3 parts: temple area, recreation area and visitor service center, and water supply and drainage facilities, etc.. The Junji Pavilion scenic spots include the Junji Pavilion (5 layers, 27.88m high), Dengfeng altar, viewing platform, square stone and the new promenade (2m wide, 160m), arch bridge, etc.. At present, this project has been completed.

The proposed construction site is located in the Songshan World Geopark, Songshan Scenic Area, Songshan National Forest Park, protection of cultural relics of Zhengzhou ciy, Dengfeng municipal cultural relics protection and other functional areas that need special protection. It is an environmentally sensitive areas and the selected site for this project is also very sensitive.

On March 31, 2010, Henan Environmental Protection Department gave an official reply on project environment assessment with “Henan Environmental Assessment [2010] No. 71”.