Project Environmental Impact Report in Luoyang City Solid Waste Treatment Park

In 2012, City Surveillance Administration of Luoyang organized to compile the Special planning for construction of city garbage disposal facilities in Luoyang according to the site selection for waste incineration power generation, advanced process and the feasibility of comprehensive treatment of domestic refuses, and it is planned to build Luoyang domestic refuse comprehensive treatment park project in South xishapo, Xindian, High-tech Zone, Luoyang. The construction content is: three mechanical grate incineration lines with the capacity of f 500t / d (total of 1500t / d), supporting two 15MW condensing steam turbine generators, to achieve annual garbage incineration of 547,500 tons, power generation capacity of 2.26×108kW.h and Internet access 1.83 × 108kW.h. The supporting construction projects include 350t/d slag utilization project, 45t/d fly ash stabilization processing project, 400t/d leachate treatment station, a sanitary landfill with total capacity of 3.52 million cubic meters (including operating capacity of 1.05 million cubic meters). The project covers a total area of about 385 mu, and the construction period is 24 months. The total investment is 810 million yuan, 210 million yuan for investment in environmental protection.

The project EIA evaluation covers 9 administrative villages, including Xindian of Gaoxin District, Luoyang, Sunqitun and Xianglushan, Yiyang, with high public attention. High attention is paid to the participation of the public into the whole process. The extensive, representative public participation in survey is performed.

On April 13, 2015, Henan Environmental Protection Department gave an official reply on project environment assessment with “Henan Environmental Assessment [2015] No. 112”.