Chia Tai International Plaza and Citizen Center Project

Introduction to Chia Tai International Plaza and Citizen Center Project

Chia Tai International Plaza Citizen Center project was developed and constructed by Luoyang Chia Tai Properties Limited under the well-known multinational group - Chia Tai Group.

Chia Tai Group is a world-renowned Top 500 enterprise, and the largest Chinese multinational enterprise in the world, with the business covering more than 20 countries and regions, more than 400 affiliated companies, and nearly 380,000 employees. After nearly a century of development, Chia Tai Group has formed a business pattern integrating real estates, commercial retails, international trade, finance, media, pharmaceuticals, locomotives, agriculture and animal husbandry, food industry and other fields. With their prospective leadership, Chia Tai Group has become a promoter and founder of urban internationalization.

The subsidiary of the group - Luoyang Chia Tai Properties Co., Ltd. adheres to the group’s business philosophy of “benefiting the country, the people and the enterprise”. It not only considers the economic benefits of its own company, but also pays more attention to its due social responsibilities and obligations. The company has won many honorable titles such as “2012 Top Ten Real Estate Development Enterprise in Luoyang", "2012 Most Influential Real Estate Award", "2013 Top Ten Famous Real Estate in Luoyang”, and “2013 Worth-Waiting Property Award”.

Chia Tai International Plaza is located in the south of the government building of Luoyang New District, which is divided into two plots, respectively located in the east and the west side of Asia's largest musical fountain - Kaiyuan Lake. The area of the project belongs to the core area of the South New District of Luoyang, which has very mature municipal facilities. It is expected to be the political, financial, commercial, business and residential center of Luoyang in the future.

The entire project covers an area of 275 mu, with a total floor area of about 1 million square meters, integrating high-end residential buildings, administrative offices, shopping and leisure, tourism and other diversified business formats. The world's top design companies - GENSLER, XWHO , WATERSHED, WATG from the United States, and DI from Thailand joined forces to carry out planning and design from an international perspective. It has become the first international community in Luoyang that attracts the attention of elites at home and abroad.

There are four high-rise buildings in the east and west parts of the project. Among them, there are two 200m super-high 5A first-class office buildings, two 140 m super high condos. After the completion of the project, it will become a vane in the property market in Luoyang; the 220,000-square-meter Chia Tai commercial plaza is planned and operated by Chia Tai Group, which integrates shopping, entertainment, recreation, sports, tourism, social connections, with dining and high-end business as the leading business form. With the joint efforts of an international first class team, it strives to ensure that the project design is not out of date within 30 years; the 140,000-square-meter Citizen Center is a “one-stop” administrative office window of the government, which further highlights the role of the region as a political center.

At present, the Chia Tai International City Plaza project is progressing in full swing, which is scheduled to be fully completed and put into use in 2015, when two 200m and two 144m high-rise buildings will be erected in the South New Area of Luoyang, which will effectively enhance the quality of Luoyang, and become a new city landmark in Luoyang and in the Central Plains region.