Kairui Hongshan Village

The resettlement area reconstructed on the basis of the three villages of “Jiang, Shang, Hou” of Hongshan Village of Xigong District in Luoyang is next to the State Road 310 in the north, adjacent to the North 5th Road in the south, Longxiang East Road and Longxiang Road respectively in the east and the west. The project has a construction land area of about 143,103.7 square meters, with a total floor area of about 664,318 square meters, of which the residential area is 467,453 square meters, the public building area is 90,877 square meters, and the underground floor area is 105,988 square meters. The power distribution stations, firefighting facilities, household water pump room, and heat exchange stations are all arranged based on the layout of the basements. In the north is the first phase of the resettlement housing, in the west is the second phase of the resettlement housing, and in the south is the development housing region.