Dazhao International Plaza

Design Descriptions

The land lot is located in the west of Luoyang New District, next to the main road "Kaiyuan Road" of Luoyang New District in the south. To the east of the land is Luoyang Sports Park and Exhibition Center, to the west is Luoyang University of Technology; it is adjacent to the Daming Channel in the north, enjoying a strategic location, and convenient transportation. The project has a planned area of 107,725 square meters. The land is irregular-shaped, with a flat landform.

The project integrates residential, commercial and office buildings, with a planned plot ratio of 4.5, a total land area of 580,000 square meters. In the southeast corner, there will be a 200-m super-tall complex building which covers hotel, office and other functions, and has a floor area of about 74,000 square meters; the floor area for the residential function is about 300,000 square meters; the floor area for the commercial function is about 110,000 square meters; the underground floor area is 95,000 million square meters.