Auxiliary Stadium of Luoyang New District Sports Center Stadium

Design Descriptions

The project is located in the reserved land in the west of the stadium of Stadium Sports Center at Luoyang New District, adjacent to Lingbo Lake in the west. For the specific location, please refer to the general plan. The project has a total of five floors above the ground and two floors underground. The main functions of the project include a basketball training hall, a heated swimming training center with ten 50.10 m long lanes, all kinds of fitness training spaces, related ancillary functional spaces, and management spaces, office occupancy, athlete dining rooms, kitchens and dormitories, equipment room, etc. The auxiliary stadium is interconnected with the main body of the stadium via an underground passage, to complement the function and needs of the sports center.

The project has a total floor area of 22453.72 square meters, of which 14664.46 square meters is above the ground, and 7789.26 square meters is underground; the building covers an area of 5990.79 square meters.