Fangcheng International Trade Center

Project Overview:

The Base is located in Luonan New Area, next to the trunk road of the New District - Kaiyuan Road in the south, connected to the urban landscape - Yizhi Canal in the north, about 90m from Tongji Street in the east, enjoying convenient transportation, beautiful landscape and favorable geological location, with a total construction area of 12160㎡. The building layouts on both sides of the base have been basically formed. In the west side is Longquan Building, and in the east the commercial banks. The building has a total designed height of 99.9m. The body is divided into two parts: office and business apartments, with 2 underground floors, and a three-floor podium; the office building has 26 floors above the ground, and the business apartment has 30 floors above the ground. The project is positioned as business apartments and office complex. The project has been completed and put into use.

Due to the location and the height of the project, the building has a certain iconic role, which has become visual center to be seen when visitors enter the Kaiyuan Avenue from the west. The project program uses modern building design techniques, and has simple and neat shape, to create a unique contemporary landmark.