SAIC Lingang project

SAIC Lingang (its own brand) project

The project program concerns 150,000 vehicles. The long-term production capacity will be expanded to 300,000. In addition to undertaking engineering design, SCIVIC also undertakes general contracting management for civil works and the general contracting of all painting equipment.

SAIC Lingang industrial base’s painting workshop is part of the own-brand car project of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd., and is an EPC turnkey project integrating public civil works and production lines. Our company won the international tender bid to become the general contracting unit for the project.

The painting workshop covers an area of 15,377m2, with a floor area of 43,060m2. The plant buildings are all three-storey reinforced concrete structure. The production line has a production capacity of 225,000/year (40JPH). After the completion of the production, the starting rate will reach 95%. The coating process adopts the environmentally friendly chromium-free passivation, lead-free cathodic electrophoretic primer, and the car coating process represented by intermediate coating and top coating water-based paint coating technology. The production line equipment includes new paint mist washing and cleaning packet spray booth, the Π type drying furnace with a hot air circulation structure, the efficient RTO exhaust gas incineration systems, a new generation of wall-mounted robot spraying machine, and twin-swing rod conveyors and skid conveyors, and other international mainstream advanced equipment. After construction, it will reach the international advanced level of high-end car coating lines.