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Staff house

Staff house

Happy communicate infinite love - 2016 Spring entertainment company successfully held
Shanghao New Year PIEN first lesson - the company held seminars on duty crime prevention
Share knowledge sharing growth - the company held in Camp grassroots professional training Sharing
Not to mention the many obstacles Aoyama Love and passion - the company went to schools by helping the poor mountainous areas of Sichuan donation
Company four courtyard young employees value competition ended discussion salon and experience exchange activities
Company worker 2015 track and field sports meeting was held successfully
Dream start from learning by skill achievement, remember the third phase of the English language ability promotion training report examination and graduation ceremony
Determined to face difficulties Open struggle journey - 2015 marks the end of the military training for new employees
Competition is full of passion, struggle Enhancing unity - the third workers sports meet four yuan
Company a quality month activity kick-off in September
"Love on the run, the heart in a team" - the company of 2015 cadres quality expanding training was held successfully
Company May 4th commendation congress and "chief expert lecture hall" sharing activity was held
Beautiful day in March, show beautiful beautiful scenery; Hot women's day, women's elegant demeanour, now the company celebration "38" international women's day activity comprehensive report
Art light life Culture casting dream - company worker cultural festival series of activities reports documentary
"Growing up the road Thank you "company mass successfully held the Chinese New Year of 2015
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