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"RGL engineering company specialized technical committee" member of congress for the first time

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"RGL engineering company specialized technical committee" member of congress for the first time

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2015/09/24 00:00
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On the morning of September 12, 2015, "RGL engineering company specialized technical committee" smooth convening the first general meeting of members in the company's headquarters, marks the company specialized technical committee formally established.
Meeting shall be presided over by Yang Jian deputy general manager, general manager of Ding Yueda RuanBing, deputy general manager, respectively made an important speech.
Yang Jian deputy general manager firstly introduces the purpose of this meeting: the company hopes to technical committee, to become a learning team, not only is a professional in the mutual exchange of learning, more want to reflect in the mutual communication between cross major. At the same time, Yang always referred to the committee of young people, to join the team, is not only an honor, more should is a responsibility, should learn from them, more efforts to improve their professional level, for their contribution to the company's technical team's echelon development strength.
RuanBing deputy general manager from professional technical committee to set up the reasons, responsibilities and the subsequent development of the three aspects made a speech. He first sums up the problems in the process of technology development company before, we put forward to build up the professional technical committee as a company core technology team, to strengthen professional and technical exchanges, especially across professional, inter-departmental communication, promote the unity of between different divisions of the company professional technology, establish a team in a professional authority. At the same time, also hope that through the establishment of the technical committee for the technical personnel to provide a channel of the development of science and technology. Finally, nguyen from professional and technical exchange, attract talent, unified technical measures, improve the age structure, create innovative system, etc., put forward to the arrangement of the technical committee next stage work.
To address the summative Ding Yueda general manager. Butyl always begin with a brief review of the marketing, service, technology three aspects of the development of company; Put forward through the establishment of technical committee, the innovation of the technology level for the company to provide a platform and carrier, can let the company's technology development from passive to active, from single professional technology level of development into a comprehensive technology level. Therefore, the company will give strong support on resources, hope that after years of efforts, make the company's various professional on technical level "industry leader".
Then, according to the arrangements for the meeting, each professional through democracy voted to elect the group committee director, deputy director of the young always live announced the election results.
Elected, director of the professional company as deputy director of professional committee of the first session of the council members, and for the professional way to work late, made a preliminary communication technology research direction, etc. Yang always give the outcome of the meeting fully affirmation, the final assembly in all ended in the warm applause!