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Return of the King - remember Steam Engineering won the Beijing Benz Outstanding Supplier Award

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Return of the King - remember Steam Engineering won the Beijing Benz Outstanding Supplier Award

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2015/10/20 00:00
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Decade of grinding sword, creating the King:
2015 with the tenth anniversary of our company and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. established the occasion of ten years, the company received Beijing Benz Company to "Return of the King" as the theme of honor "Beijing Benz Outstanding Supplier" award, becoming the company tenth anniversary gift.
Recalling the Beijing Benz project cooperation ups and downs, hard-won honor.
From 2011, we received the first delivery of large single assembly MRA project to NGCC and MRAII project delivery assembly, welding transport, transport corridor, three-dimensional full extension and expansion of the library, in the steam project has three assembly construction of Beijing Benz, di a welding conveyor, two three-dimensional database, a transportation corridor, a total of more than 20 contracts. To all current domestic Benz cars were produced from the company's assembly line.
Meanwhile, the company in terms of design engineering for the Beijing Benz also provides high-tech level and satisfactory service.
Steam Engineering in Beijing Benz the world's top arena, the face of the German-based multinational competition, such as DURR, ROFA, SIEMENS, AFT, in the multitude of strong battlefield, in the steam full play to their technical engineering , service, cost, efficiency, design and manufacture of comprehensive strength and other advantages, from the original owner only is China basic recognition, to today's BBAC and Daimler full recognition and undisputed by both technical and procurement unanimously elected as "outstanding supplier . "
Beijing Benz project with a lot of the world's leading transport technology, through this project, we completed the first independent electric lift skateboard, EMS line, three-dimensional database, automatic assembly line and other combined German company has previously only belong conveyor technology. So we have established a full confidence and competitiveness. NGCC and MRAII steam plant project is completed this year, Daimler experts in the evaluation, it has been with them in Sindelfingen, Bremen, Kecskemét, Rastatt plant to the same level in terms of quality.
In addition to technical leap, Beijing Benz also makes the steam engineering project management experience in high-level, international projects to a higher level, the company has more than a dozen steam project manager, forty several experienced designers use DaimlerIntegra4 standard project language is English, the management company is a German international projects, training a large number of promising newcomers. On international cooperation, and the various upstream and downstream suppliers to open up a broad and mutually beneficial cooperation model, many German engineering companies and purchased parts manufacturers are attracted huge market potential amount of steam engineering and procurement, have given the Automobile Engineering Best discounts and shortest lead times for projects in the steam continue to expand domestic and international market and lay a good foundation.
Data from the first half of this year sales of luxury cars, the Mercedes has a strong return, showing the return of the king win situation, as the first project in the steam car brand own brand equipment, and Beijing Benz strategic partnership will further enhance their technical and management level, the early realization of a world-renowned engineering systems service provider objectives.
Supplier Award for Excellence is not just Beijing Benz company to give me a reward for my company's brand promotion and other customer's trust will have a tremendous ability to radiate, for the company to higher levels of development to create the foundation.
In this, the company thanks to the company honors employees to participate in the process and other hospital engineering staff, thank you for the company to win a special honor.

(Process Engineering Academy of Party Committee Office)