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The company successfully participating Shanghai International Exhibition 2015AMTS

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The company successfully participating Shanghai International Exhibition 2015AMTS

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2015/10/20 00:00
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On August 26-28, 2015, the 11th Shanghai international auto manufacturing technology and equipment and materials (AMTS2015), the exhibition held in Shanghai new international expo center as scheduled. I company for the fifth time as AMTS organizer, successfully participated in the ZuZhan and exhibition work.
AMTS scale to further expand the exhibition this year, a total of five exhibition hall, exhibition area of 55000 square meters; From all over the world nearly 600 exhibitors, exhibits sizes, number of exhibitors to an all-time high; Professional audience duplication and greatly promoted the international automotive equipment technical exchange and trade development. Exhibition held the same car body stamping, welding, machining process, car coating four theme BBS, users and experts from automobile industry both at home and abroad, to share a hot topic in the automotive industry and is currently the world's most advanced technology in automobile production.
This exhibition is set in the company of "conform to the new normal, innovation-driven development win" working train of thought, the implementation of the annual important foreign brand promotion activities for the first time. Vice-governor in Zhang Huiyi company deputy general manager, company's booth the posters into Chinese, English bilingual form, enhancing the foreign propaganda effect. Use a live broadcast video full introduction of my company in the near future performance and brand development, show the company core competitiveness, to show the company's business advantage, quality engineering, r&d and innovation strength. Latest production coating workshop 3 d animation and wuling third base construction projects BIM propaganda, attracting a large number of audience in front of the booth stand to watch, shows the 3 d design and BIM technology company's strength and performance. My company "design, contracting and equipment manufacturing" perfect presents the business model of engineering system service provider's brand characteristics and operational advantages, obtained the consistent approval from domestic and overseas.
During the process school, coating courtyard, casting, process design, Shanghai four hospital departments such as manager, technical backbone to visit the exhibition site, the technology institute, vice President of the Zhang Haikang, Liu Zengchang minister, process Jiang Haihong, deputy director of the head of the team participation. He (she) have deep understanding to the booth robots, the new technology of intelligent equipment, participate in technical BBS to listen to lectures, with Chinese and foreign customers, the guests come to my booth business face to face contact, obtain good communication, communication effect. Painting academy for during the exhibition "carbodypaiting2015 BBS" carefully prepared speech materials, dean Dai Min planning and guidance in person, summarizes the green, environmental protection coating technology for nearly a decade of research and application achievements, made into the beautiful PPT file. By QuYinYan made in discussions with teachers, vice President of the "efficient intelligent green car coating systems engineering technology research and application" of a thorough analysis of the present situation and the demand of automobile coating industry at home and abroad, mainly introduced RGL coating for more than 10 years, the efficient green car coating systems engineering technology research and application of results. Great speech got the attending expert's consistent high praise, has obtained the good foreign propaganda promotion RGL coating the effects of the new technology. Marketing part I and part ii sent zhao jiang, FanKe, Wang Baoqi on site, to communicate with the booth of auto industry customer in-depth communication, negotiation, capture project opportunities actively, achieve good results.
In this exhibition ZuZhan throughout the process, the company integrated management department long eu carefully planning exhibition solutions, billboard content; Information construction engineering room Gong Weihui took out newly in BIM design contest, director of the plan; Shanghai four yuan hong-mei yu vice President personally sent young employees Wang Chong provides thorough warm service at the scene. Of this exhibition a complete success is the company's various aspects work to hard, efficient collaboration, also reflect the companies' cooperation and keeping forging ahead, sincere, beyond "spirit of enterprise.
Through this exhibition, ministry of equipment and to actively promote company founded in tianjin intelligent robot manufacturing, the space, to the global and domestic famous exhibition companies in the field of robotics and intelligent manufacturing, such as FANUC, KUKA, COMAU, DEMC, kawasaki robots, yaskawa shougang robot, Ming been equipment, financial company, Shanghai jun until, promote the company "made in tianjin intelligent robot, the space", the theme of the positioning and development direction, and the hope from the industry first-class innovation team, the implementation innovation, cooperation, win-win development expressed his good will, get a positive response and support. Several companies said, are willing to use all the space platform, together with RGL project innovation, realize the innovation drive, common development.
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