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Thanksgiving Dream next decade - celebrates its tenth anniversary celebration art show held

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Thanksgiving Dream next decade - celebrates its tenth anniversary celebration art show held

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2015/11/06 00:00
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October 28, 2015 morning, the China Automobile Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. tenth anniversary celebration was held Arts Festival (third at the conference room, located in Luoyang second video conference room at the venue) at the company headquarters on the third floor lecture hall, more than 300 names steam people gathered to share the joy. Chen, chairman of ownership, general manager of Yue Ding and other leaders attended the ceremony extravaganza.
Ten years, carrying steam in the growth of human struggle; ten years time, creating a brilliant glory in steam engineering. Celebration extravaganza from "optical pickup", "pick up edge", "dream pick" three chapters constitute, employees with the company ten years development history and everyday practical work, self-directed play all kinds of programs, through song, comedy, comic , dance, poetry recitation, melodrama, San Juban and other performances, recalling the 10 years to companies traversed an extraordinary path, praising the quiet dedication, hard work pay outstanding staff, express as a people stripped of pride and pride , the interpretation of the company's infinite love.
Chen, chairman of the right to a speech at the celebration show. A brief review of the company's chairman and ten years of achievements and gains, with the emphasis on "Thanksgiving," "thank you" are two key words in-depth summary of the results of the company to achieve today's reason - is to obtain customer support, trust, providing customers with high-quality technology service, creating value for customers, so any time Thanksgiving customers, and thank the company cadres and employees to pay more clearly the future direction of work and management guidelines, the future prospects of a better future, convinced that in the next ten steam engineering It will be able to renew a new chapter in the development.
Opening dance "Chinese Dragon", firmly confident smile, neat shock drums, the curtain opened the celebration extravaganza. Then, one by one by the wonderful staff choreographed show staged for the tenth anniversary celebration of the company presented the most sincere wishes. Dance class program, "Love is the dance rhyme" red ribbon to show the fans and classical beauty, stripped of the rhyme, six handsome young man "went ahead Dance" Hey turn the audience, a new generation of dance stripped people style; the songs show "Blue Lotus" and "full bloom of life," the interpretation of a different kind of "youth rock"; full of people stripped soulful original song "steam dream" consists of 29 people portrait singing, to express steam in staff Looking for a better development of the company and the firm belief; language class program, comic "starting today," with humorous language to describe the main business painting, craft both houses, comedy "steam color man" in the form of quiz shows with everyone Recalling a decade of big events in steam engineering, "my birthday, my steam" is a heart-warming story about a place in the office, San Juban "talk about the gas companies' performances with humor summarized form one extraordinary performance, poetry reading one ordinary jobs created "forward, steam man" tells the story of four generations of reciters stripped dedicated business people to tackle tough, courage of glorious history, steam shows people standing at a new historical starting point, future, glory of courage and confidence, the whole show to a climax; the creative class show, sitcom "Family Harmony" from the partner, children, parents three angles depict the power of love, a quiet dedication of a family consisting of a solid backing in steam engineering, and warm the hearts of all those present infection, tears, flashlight dance "together decade" in bouquet beam lights merged into a blessing, and wish the company thriving, more prosperous career.
Festival celebration of the tenth anniversary of play interspersed commercials "Germany built in steam, water Huai source", showing the course of a decade of great significance to the development of the company's major events and the development process, employees draw strength Moved in blessing expression of infinite vision for the future.
Chen, chairman of ownership, Ding Yue, general manager of the five awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award Decade" employees were awarded medals and certificates, and the live broadcast of the Project Management Award Yong, Li Zheng School Technology Innovation Award, Customer Service Award Zhang Lin, marketing Award Nguyen soldiers and Technological Achievement Award Wan Yeh five winners in recognition of video.
Deputy General Manager Zhanghuiyi celebration extravaganza to extract all kinds of grand prize in the field of interactive raffle, lucky draw audiences as guests, spectators sample of 10 lucky prize.
Festival lasted three hours came to an end in the chorus "better tomorrow", the people in the steam with a smile full of pride look forward to the company will be better tomorrow.
The celebrations, carefully planned and carefully prepared more than two months, and some programs are more careful scrutiny planning case, several drafts before gradually forming, and passed through three rehearsals to ensure the quality of programs and performance effects. The entire celebration received strong support from the company's leadership and attention, has been the strong collaboration with various departments, division of labor, on which the group branch, but also by the portrait of interpretation and the truth of all the cast and crew pay. The entire show climaxes, exciting and the corporate culture into which steam engineering, expressed "the pursuit of higher, better life" for a better vision of longing, show the people unite in the steam super cohesion and surging pride and positive spirit.
New decade, new starting point, we will adhere to a common goal, coming his way, hand in hand, toward the "internationally renowned engineering systems service provider," the grand goal to forge ahead and create greater glories!