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Data security and boost development of the company - Company data backup disaster recovery system formally launched

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Data security and boost development of the company - Company data backup disaster recovery system formally launched

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2015/11/24 00:00
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November 23, 2015, the Company data backup disaster recovery system has been linked to reconcile Tianjin Luoyang two-month trial run, formal acceptance by the line.
With the company's further development of information technology, office and production by a large number of paper-based information into electronic information systems has become an important guarantee to support normal business operations. At the same time, digital electronic finance, human resources, management, administration, design documents and other data resources of information explosion, the data space is growing, increasing the importance of data. These data are years of development the company has accumulated a valuable asset, it is an important asset of the company. Data security building without delay.
After 2013, the company completed the Yangtze River Road office area, information center found keen importance of data security, in charge of leading the company Ding Yue, general manager of the guidance and support of the full use of existing storage systems, combined with efficient backup software and gradually establish a local data storage backup system, eliminating the single point of failure equipment.
In early 2015, we began construction of Disaster Recovery Information Center system, through rigorous testing and auditing program, finalized Luoyang as disaster recovery center, data transmission via VPN link channel, extended backup software disaster recovery capabilities. The system covers a number of technical applications: efficient use of storage media, efficient use of networks, global data de-duplication, compatible with the open storage platform, robust indexing and recovery mechanisms can be selected for simultaneous, separate or during non-peak times to create multiple valid deduplication copy of the data; each copy can use different strategies to save, and use the new DASHCopy DASHFull function, significantly reducing the time to create redundant copies of data deduplication required management operation is relatively simple, and so on.
October 22, 2015 Disaster Recovery system deployed. The company has deployed data backup disaster recovery system 18 file backup, six windows platform database backup, a non-windows platform database backup, a NAS backup, 16 virtual machine backup 42 backup module. The company covers all important business system data, backup data 7T, due to heavy use streamlined algorithm, physical protection of data 20T.
When this system is enabled, the company production and management of important data can be backed up regularly to an offsite copy of the data center for disaster recovery data backup. Once a disaster production centers, production data and local backup data loss, you can restore data from a backup copy of the data disaster recovery center.
The system is reliable, easy to expand, high cost, not only can resist equipment single point of failure can also withstand earthquakes, fires, explosions and other catastrophic failure, effectively ensure the security of important company information and data, for the company to carry out the normal operation of escort , but also lay a good foundation for the future construction of off-site data center.