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The new height of the new starting point - the company "Wuling (Chongqing) painting workshop BIM design" won the fourth "Lung Cup" National Design Competition first prize BIM

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The new height of the new starting point - the company "Wuling (Chongqing) painting workshop BIM design" won the fourth "Lung Cup" National Design Competition first prize BIM

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2015/12/03 00:00
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On the eve of Thanksgiving, re-transmission of good news. Information from the company building works submitted chamber "SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., the third base (Chongqing) construction project painting workshop BIM Design" award on behalf of the Automobile Engineering 2015 fourth "Lung Cup" National BIM (Building information model) design competition first prize.
"Lung Cup" BIM competition by China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and Training Center, the relevant government departments and research institutes Chinese Academy of Building Research, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other guidance, China FIG. sponsored by the national Academy of BIM contest is divided into design, construction, and comprehensive group of four institutions, aimed at study BIM overall strength. Entries designer I declare comprises Gong Wei Wei, Shen Yu, Wang Dongming, Dong Aiping, Zhang Kexin, Li Ke, Li Bingyao, Tang Dong, Yu Na, Guo Yifan, etc., through on-site defense and experts of Final Appeal, in the finals of the 49 outcomes come to the fore, won the highest award the first prize, is the only industrial design award, fully representative of the company's current BIM level in the country went up to a new level, reached a new height.
Wuling (Chongqing) project base is located in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Longxing Industrial Park, with a total construction area of ??255,100 square meters, with 400,000 vehicle and engine production capacity. Paint shop with a total construction area of ??42,100 square meters, it is the highest automobile factory automation, process the most complex, the most stringent cleanliness requirements, fire danger largest production plant. Pipeline arrangement and process equipment complex, conventional means is difficult to guarantee quality of design. The project uses BIM design help to deepen the two-dimensional design drawings; coating equipment to provide professional model, rose to make BIM 3D plant, creating a precedent for the company to design three-dimensional cross-sectoral cooperation.
In order to guide the project design specifications and BIM, BIM department prepared a series of standards, professional standards in accordance with the contents of 3D Collaborative. Designers using the Revit BIM design software, all integrated in Navisworks model in visualization and validation summary. Further, according to the automobile industry plant operational characteristics, in accordance with professional functions and features, customized enterprise standardization parametric family library; a lot of secondary development, developed a set of project management, model management, family library management, data management, software management in one of the Web-based enterprise management BIM platform.
Competition award is recognition of the work of the department, is a new starting point for the sector. Our unity will make persistent efforts to make the company better tomorrow BIM technology.