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Our company successfully held "lighting energy saving and LED application" training and seminars

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Our company successfully held "lighting energy saving and LED application" training and seminars

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2015/12/21 00:00
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Lighting industry in the world are is undergoing a profound change, this is the third revolution of lighting, LED lighting, to follow the time development, enhance the level of electrical professional business ability and quality, provide customers with "more than expected" service, December 18, 2015, my company in tianjin successfully hosted the "lighting energy saving and LED application" training and seminars. The meeting held by the company electrical technical committee to be responsible for the organization.
The conference participants for tianjin building electrical design technical collaboration and information exchange network and electrical professional committee of tianjin architectural society representatives, owner representative and company related department. Special training experts for domestic lighting industry leading ren yuan will researcher and vice director of China lighting Xu Hua senior engineers, tianjin electric institute on behalf of the professor for ted wong, Guo Fuyan dean. The owner representative for brilliance BMW automobile co., LTD., Beijing Benz auto co., LTD., Beijing futian automobile co., LTD., for construction projects within the company to participate in the department ~ 4 a courtyard, a hospital, set up headquarters building design research. Tianjin main venue, luoyang set video at the venue. , general manager of the company to lead Ding Yueda Yang Jian RuanBing, deputy general manager to attend and participate in the meeting.
In the process of training, the old from the development, advantages and problems of the LED, a simple for everybody explained the technical requirements of architectural lighting LED lights and lighting energy-saving design should pay attention to the problem, how can make the designer clear understanding to the reasonable choice of LED lamps and lanterns and energy-saving lighting design. Xu Hua senior engineers from lighting design status quo, explained the market requirement for lighting designers, LED in the application of large Spaces, emergency lighting design, etc.
Two training specialists rigorous doing scholarly research attitude, profound knowledge, advanced design idea, the rich domestic and foreign cases, deeply attracted attendees, everybody listening. My company construction sun 2 hospital electric are senior engineers LED in changan psa Peugeot Citroen, baic (guangzhou), brilliance BMW automobile companies such as practical application cases and the measured results. At last training experts, owners, designers, suppliers and other issues for the positive interactive discussion and problem solving, all participants especially designers have benefited a lot from.
This training and seminars to promote the application of green lighting in buildings, improve the quality of the people work and achieve energy saving, high efficiency, comfortable, safe, economical and environmentally friendly lighting system, plays a positive role in promoting, follow the principle of "value competition", make our company standing on the commanding heights of the technology, to realize the technology lead the market to lay a good foundation.