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Shanghai Volkswagen (xinjiang) co., LTD., paint shop equipment project acceptance smoothly

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Shanghai Volkswagen (xinjiang) co., LTD., paint shop equipment project acceptance smoothly

Project dynamics
2015/08/28 00:00
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On August 12, 2015 in the afternoon, contracted by the company (xinjiang) co., LTD., Shanghai Volkswagen, paint shop equipment project smoothly through the owner acceptance.
The project on August 20, 2013 equipment comes into play, June 1, 2014 the first electrophoresis and paint car rolled off the production line, on July 1, 2014 the first batch production (PVS) car rolled off the production line, on November 1, 2014, SOP, on March 29, 2015 transfer of equipment, equipment acceptance signature on August 12, 2015. The above time nodes are completed in accordance with the contractual stipulations.
Shanghai Volkswagen as a domestic industry's leading car companies, has for years been concern for my company, after years of preparation and a large number of previous work, in the company, under the leadership of himself in the painting academy of active participation and efforts, through sufficient communication with each department of Shanghai Volkswagen, shows the technical and management strength, won the recognition and trust, in the end, by my company contracts for the paint shop process equipment and building engineering, all this is Shanghai Volkswagen company since the establishment of the first contracted by the domestic suppliers coating workshop, broke the monopoly of German enterprises.
In the process of project implementation, from design to implementation stage, the project department members through effective communication, to Shanghai Volkswagen technology and management requires a deep understanding, combined with international project management mode, combine my company project management system, set up efficient, practical and highly targeted management model, at the same time giving full play to the advantages of our company flexible, rapid response services, each link strict control project implementation, a complete to achieve the project goals.
So far, this project smoothly passed the Anlaufcheck start (new factory), GQF (corrosion inspection), the MQD process quality audit and so on many German vw global uniform standard acceptance; Passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certification, by the Shanghai public security departments at all levels strict, careful inspection and test.
Outstanding performance in this project, the company has received high recognition including Shanghai Volkswagen China and Germany both, Shanghai Volkswagen es foreign managers GLOBE project quality with SCIVIC gave high evaluation; Volkswagen physical planning and public purchasing department and therefore project to visit urumqi paint shop and company headquarters in tianjin, and give the high praise.
The successful implementation of this project, for my company long-term cooperation with Shanghai Volkswagen and Volkswagen group laid a good foundation, at present, the company is actively involved in the factory of Shanghai Volkswagen three new paint shop in the early period of the project each work, long-term strategic cooperation with Shanghai Volkswagen is also planned.