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The company won the bid total installed SAIC Nanjing Iveco transport general contracting projects

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The company won the bid total installed SAIC Nanjing Iveco transport general contracting projects

Project dynamics
2015/10/20 00:00
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August 27, 2015, the company received notice of Nanjing Iveco Purchasing Department, the company won the bid four homes Nanjing Iveco total installed capacity of the project equipment transport.
Since the beginning of August 2013 which lasted two years, so in the process of assembling Always hospital director who led the planning and design has gone through numerous discussions and adjustments stay away travel, programs, patiently explained and attentive service , pre-pay for the project a great deal of effort. During the bidding, the bidding team for assembly, machine operation unit, automation of tacit understanding, responsive and effective in line with the company's leadership decisions. In the final program of the company, quality, project management, comprehensive services and cost advantages in one fell swoop!
The project consists of the unified organization of the process 庞洛明 hospital vice president, has been the strong support of the right to Chen, chairman, Jane Lee, deputy general manager Zhang Jijun school and personally throughout the planning and guidance, fully reflects the company's strong integrated marketing advantages.
The final two years of pay gains, the direction is clear persevering! From 1998 Yihuo earlier, the company gradually began to undertake construction projects in Nanjing, ten years never stopped. The historic city of Nanjing is one of the companies witnessed the development and growth of the project concentrated, craft hospital in Nanjing also has to undertake a number of major construction projects NAC MG, Shanghai Volkswagen four factory. The project team will live up to our leaders, Comrade high hopes in the project demonstrating the value of the company's competitive strength, the company continued the legend in Nanjing this wonderful piece of land!