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Create power shine brightly - Company of North West Green paint test manufacturing base opening ceremony held successfully

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Create power shine brightly - Company of North West Green paint test manufacturing base opening ceremony held successfully

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2015/11/06 00:00
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October 30, 2015 morning, the company in the North West Tsing test coating manufacturing base opening ceremony was held, as a tribute to the tenth anniversary of the company. China National Machinery Industry Corporation, deputy secretary of Xi Yan, deputy director of Qi Zhongbo Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the high-tech office Director Liu Hui, the Party Secretary Zhou Jiabiao Xiqing District, Xiqing District Party Committee member, Deputy Mayor Yang orders born in the northern town Party committee secretary Lin Xiaolin, mayor Du Xueping, the company chairman, party secretary Chen entitled, general manager, deputy party secretary of Ding Yue, deputy general manager Liuchong Xi, Jia Xijun, Zhanghui Yi, Huang Zhifeng, Li Zheng school, Chen Yong, Yang Jian, Dai Min, Ruan Bing, Zhang Jijun and other leaders attended the opening ceremony, from across the country, more than 140 customer representatives, project general contractor - construction Machinery industry Group Co., Ltd., general manager of China 徐衍林 attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the General Manager Ding Yue.
North West Tsing test coating manufacturing base in recent years, the company is the construction of three high-end manufacturing and R & D base one. The base covers an area of ??202 acres, planning construction area of ??113,800 square meters and a building area of ??72,000 square meters, started construction in October 2014, October 30, 2015 put into operation, including R & D centers, testing centers, manufacturing living floor and so on. The goal of building a research and development and technological innovation for the lead to build R & D, testing and manufacturing base for automotive painting intelligent equipment with international advanced level. The construction includes the development of new painting materials, new technology testing, verification and intelligence, automation equipment, manufacturing. Project will start to become the world's advanced coating technology, coating material and intelligent, automated equipment systems supporting the advanced equipment research and development, testing and manufacturing base, the company's brand promotion, to achieve strategic objectives, painting business segments to enhance competitiveness has great significance.
Leading National Machine Group, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, Xiqing District, respectively Speaking at the opening ceremony, the company was founded a decade of achievements, business transformation and upgrading high-level, high-quality, high-speed construction of the North gave a positive base evaluation, expressed the company's good wishes, together with Chen, chairman of the right to build the base for the golden key to open. Leading representatives of the parties and customer base in the North of completion and opening of congratulations.
Chen, chairman of the Special entitled to "Thanksgiving, thanks to create power, win-win development" as the theme of this event delivered a speech, to express gratitude to our customers, but also to show clients that the future development goals and confidence. In his speech, the chairman stressed that the development of the past decade in the steam project has made remarkable achievements, not only has the automotive engineering services 70% of the customer base, and access to high-end customer recognition, but also car equipment business company can shoulder to shoulder with the international standards, Sword, for the rapid development of the domestic auto industry, has contributed to low cost repairer. These achievements made and the development of core customers give us the opportunity and trust, therefore, all employees in the steam engineering Thanksgiving to customers, cash Thanksgiving action to give customers more satisfaction as the starting point for all the work, technology, quality the combined value cost, efficiency and service to customers reflect the best outcome of the project. Chairman, said the company manufacturing and research and development of North painting, assembly and construction Jinghai body airplane manufactured precisely for the customer to provide a guarantee to achieve the best results, provide a guarantee of support for the application of advanced and reliable technology. North built base will enable the company to lay a strong foundation for the upgrading and re-painting business internationalization. In the future, the project will continue to steam to return all of the customer's trust and recognition, committed to working with customers to create the ability to create power, win-win development with the greatest effort.
Base opening ceremony was held in the North is one of the Automobile Engineering tenth anniversary celebration of the commemoration, the company will enable North base as a starting point, adhering to the "create value for customers," the service concept, and further committed to painting equipment standardization, module and systematic implementation, covering the whole industry chain to enhance the service capabilities.
After the ceremony, the leaders and guests together with customer representatives visited the base in the north of test centers, research centers and manufacturing exhibition center.