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I successfully won the bid in the Air lithium (Luoyang) Industrial Park Project Phase III EPC Project

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I successfully won the bid in the Air lithium (Luoyang) Industrial Park Project Phase III EPC Project

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2015/12/03 00:00
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Which lasted four months in the Air lithium (Luoyang) Industrial Park Project Phase III project in EPC bidding on November 20, 2015 In my company successfully won the bid for the flag is finally over. Also marked the new lithium battery project of 1.5 billion watts begin construction.
According to media reports, in the domestic large-capacity lithium-ion battery production, Air lithium as the "national team", has assumed the 6 863 projects, representing the highest level of current research in the field of domestic battery; the Air lithium (Luoyang ) industrial park will be built the largest professional battery production base.
The successful bidder for the project, from the steam engineering customer-centric service philosophy, from our excellent service attitude. In the past, the owners of the project implementation process in steam engineering knowledge, evaluation and other customers to visit the Automobile EPC project has been in the owner expedition steam EPC project during the impression of both the owners decided to use the EPC mode had a significant impact.
Bidding process of the project ups and downs, both serious and pay the opponent's efforts and means, but also in the steam bid group. God rewards the diligent.
The success of this project is successful, creating a new industry in response to the country's new energy strategy; since 2004, is the second large-scale project in the steam began to B + U contract milestone, marking the Automobile Engineering EPC contract into a new stage marks in the steam engineering into new areas, start a new business.
The success of this project has benefited from active cooperation preliminary design, thanks to the performance of conventional EPC, thanks to the company's development.