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We do New Year - Steam Engineering SGMW car plant construction site in Indonesia on New Year's special report

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We do New Year - Steam Engineering SGMW car plant construction site in Indonesia on New Year's special report

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2016/01/05 00:00
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We do New Year - Steam Engineering SGMW car plant construction site in Indonesia on New Year's special report

In 2015, the last years, all over the world are looking forward to celebrate the "festive" days, in the steam car factory in Indonesia SGMW project construction site, but the staff is to sweat accompanied by rain and mud fighting at the site, with unique way to greet the New Year ......
Since August 20, 2015 foundation started the project, in the steam engineering company leaders and employees concerned SGMW attention automobile plant project in Indonesia has started construction of four months and 10 days. In this short time, 130 days of the occurrence site What change? Let's use some brief description and photographs of the scenes take place at the site of the show in front of you:
By the end of 2015, the overall site construction has been completed all the basic stamping, welding, painting, assembly, public station house, complete plant roads, laying of storm water pipe network and various workshops temporary roads. In addition, all four workshops the installation of steel structures is also well underway. among them:
Steel column welded joint stamping plant has begun lifting, gradually taking shape; the paint shop has completed the installation of the main steel structure of 60% can be completed; steel main assembly plant installation has been completed by 15%, when the new date differences; the most difficult row to hoe, stamping plant equipment that is nearing completion basis pouring base, the key Battle winner; overall project the image of daily updates, in full swing.
Rome was not built in the country is still the coldest days, maybe you can hardly resemble hot here on the site. Each is Steam Engineering and Construction Office Indonesia Indonesia project four hospital staff in the Ministry of achievements under successive rainstorms and heat waves blazing sun stroke come. Indonesia is the country across the equator, has a typical tropical climate. Our construction site is located at latitude 6 ° 20 '~ 25', longitude high strength rainfall region of 106 ° ~ 107 °, with an average annual rainfall of 1800-2200 mm. Great rainy season thus conceivable difficulty. Since the rainy season, the site often and sometimes torrential rain, sometimes the sun such as extreme weather contrasts flame. But even in such harsh climatic conditions, tenacious engineering staff in the steam in the hot sun, heavy rains accompanied by their sweat mud, day after day writing a new chapter in international engineering construction. Although this chapter is only our company's international debut a civil engineering project, but every employee was seriously writing were so persistent, firm and proud.
Every employee in the steam works here knows, the project has been able to in such difficult conditions, customer service difficulties, remarkable achievements, because we have the company's leadership and encourage timely care (often leading executives flew thousands of miles sea and air , to the site inspection guidance, in the face of difficult construction problems each time to bring greetings from the top leadership and confidence to overcome difficulties); our team and common goals, unity and harmony, coordination as one (professional actively cooperate within the team, heavy responsibilities, mutual support for the difficult construction problems never retreat, do not shuffle, hard work silently, with facts to create the image of the team).
We work with the owners, living together (in time and space zero distance side by side in a variety of construction and eliminating barriers to control hazard signs in period, to solve the problem in the bud); and with our subcontractors Indonesia employees solidarity, from morning till evening, my heart to heart tide over the difficulties, to learn through their many valuable construction experience and good way to tackle tough trick; we love to help with the Indonesian masses, mutual understanding and mutual, benefit fish and water phase, so that the periphery of the site from various interference to a minimum; we have safety protection of God, from the system to the facility, from theoretical study to field training, everything, always Sang woo; we have the most at ease logistical support, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, work facilities complete, pain disorders worry ......
Although 130 days is just a short moment of history, but looking at the site of yesterday or the vast wilderness, the steel giant has today proudly stand; construction site yesterday when rain water to Smirnov, but today silent drained; yesterday's rain muddy construction site hard scraps, today has been hard to find smooth four mud. All in all unite behind this many people sweat and dedication and hard work!
We are deeply aware of, although 2015 results come easily, but all all in the past. The task is not reduced, towering still more formidable challenge just coming, more exciting career began. 2016, a new starting point for a new exciting journey we will continue!
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