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Beijing Benz V213 reconstruction project successfully completed

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Beijing Benz V213 reconstruction project successfully completed

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2016/01/11 00:00
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Beijing Benz V213 reconstruction project successfully completed


After five days and 6 nights overtime scene of intense construction and commissioning, to at 8:00 on January 4, 2016 the whole, by the company to undertake the Beijing Benz V213 reconstruction project successfully completed on time open line.
Production on the first day to achieve a yield of 600 double shifts, open line the same day at full capacity, which is following the 2014 National Day Benz chassis MRA three reconstruction projects successfully implemented, I am in another Beijing Benz transformation project success stories.
Risks and difficulties of the reconstruction project is far higher than the new project, the customer production sector, attention is also higher maintenance department, went into operation V213 reconstruction project, was highly praised Beijing Benz production department, maintenance department and planning department. Benz Planning Department commented us: "No vendor employees as the company's employees in the steam so hard, continuous fighting all night long; no vendor can be like engineers stripped the company's engineers are so highly responsible and mission."
For 2015, Beijing Benz is harvested year, ahead of an annual output of 250,000 goal. In order to meet the market for new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz V213 my company to undertake the delivery system of the project, which will involve three automotive plant technology: welding, painting and assembly, transformation point more equipment, transfer accuracy is very accurate therefore very difficult, in charge of Dean Feng Biao, led by project officers do a full analysis and up to six months to prepare. Project Department from the beginning of October, which lasted two months to build a field test line, the switching stations and 150 skid are repeatedly tested to ensure that transformation is complete open line smooth production.
December 29, 2015 in the evening after the shutdown, the project organized by the Ministry of more than 40 people and old equipment electrical machinery removal and installation, the total duration of the project manager Wang Zhiping, project officers Zhigang, Zhou Hua for 48 hours without a break, really sleepy on site nap. Engineers consecutive night, double shift workers started January 1, 2016 planned to enter debug device. Not very smooth commissioning phase, involving changes to the old system of multiple points program, the project engineer to overcome multiple difficulties, has been ably assisted Benz service department and planning department. After intense construction 6 day 5 nights, realized 4 January morning smoothly open line, and trouble-free operation.
The smooth operation of the new E-Class for Beijing Benz meaning quite significant, successful implementation of the transformation project more significant meaning for the gas companies. This renovation project involves three workshop system, the old system provided by Siemens, Eiseman, Hayden, AFT different suppliers, the interface more complex interface. Project risk is high, tight schedules, difficult to implement, not 200% preparation, can never be successful. Project department members to overcome the difficulties, carefully prepared, efficient and orderly as Beijing Benz submitted a satisfactory answer. Under the joint efforts of both sides, the successful implementation of the project, making Beijing Benz and Steam engineering companies get better consolidated and deepened.
Future reconstruction project, Beijing Benz will be more dependent on the steam project. We believe that Beijing Benz and stripped project will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.
(Technology School of Beijing Benz Project Department)




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