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Beiqi new starting point for new coordinate Zhenjiang - Zhenjiang base note Beiqi BJ20 completed cum first car off the assembly line

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Beiqi new starting point for new coordinate Zhenjiang - Zhenjiang base note Beiqi BJ20 completed cum first car off the assembly line

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2016/01/11 00:00
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Beiqi new starting point for new coordinate Zhenjiang - Zhenjiang base note Beiqi BJ20 completed cum first car off the assembly line


2015 As a comprehensive strategic partnership with Beijing Automotive Group, the company's first year, I have to undertake and implement Beiqi SUV, Changhe, Zhenjiang three major projects in off-road vehicles, Changhe projects have came Herald, high-level goals to complete the project after BAIC Zhenjiang project also delivered the first vehicle off the assembly line a ceremony at 10:36 on December 28, 2015 was held in the town of Zhenjiang, BJ20 stunning debut. Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun, leading Xu Heyi, chairman of Beijing Automotive Group, Zhenjiang municipal government at all levels, 18 and other friends in the media to witness the "Beiqi new starting point, Zhenjiang new coordinates" base were completed ceremony, I have the right to Chen, chairman, yellow Zhifeng, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Zhang Jijun invited to participate in the ceremony.
Before the ceremony, Dr Zhang Beiqi base Zhenjiang Xiang Chen, general manager and chairman of his party is entitled to a brief pleasant exchange, I always said that this cooperation is a color, talented people in the steam, and look forward to better cooperation in the future and better prospects in the steam.
The ceremony, Xu Heyi, chairman, said bases Zhenjiang fast speed, more than expected, but also further strengthened the Group's determination and confidence in Zhenjiang Development. Zhenjiang base as BAIC Following the north, south, southwest, central China's fifth largest bases, which put into operation to fill the Group layout in the Yangtze River Delta in east China's blank.
After the ceremony, Chen and his party, accompanied by the right to BAIC chairman Minister of the Department of Painting Simon Jianxiong visited the paint shop for painting project performance benchmarking and stimulating effect on the base is very satisfied with the project by the half of the new team of high quality high-speed project completion highly recognized, it does require that the project summary form tissues memory unit, good for the accumulation of the whole plant project planning and construction of the future, at the same time encouraging all staff make persistent efforts, momentum, glory, and affectionately and painting projects From all posed for pictures.
Zhenjiang base by the company overall planning and design, and the process of contracting the most complex painting workshop ME project, the project on May 8, 2015 comes into play installation, 30 days ahead of time to achieve full process car off the assembly line, effectively pulling the other an adjustment workshop schedule for completion of production base has laid a solid foundation.
The base completed and commissioned, declaring my company to undertake the three major projects across the board victory BAIC, BAIC to undertake Huanghua, Zhuzhou BAIC, BAIC Jiujiang Changhe projects into the tonic, anticipation steam engineering, BAIC's cooperation to go further.
(BAIC Zhenjiang Painting Project Department)



Beiqi Zhenjiang offline ceremony photo report


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