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Fujian Longma new car engine machining process equipment New Project successfully completed final acceptance

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Fujian Longma new car engine machining process equipment New Project successfully completed final acceptance

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2016/01/21 00:00
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Fujian Longma new car engine machining process equipment New Project
The successful completion of final acceptance

January 19, 2016, Fujian Longma new car engine machining equipment new project signing ceremony of the final acceptance of the smooth progress of the new engine plant Ryoma second floor conference room. Owner final assessment: various performance indicators by the device design process our turnkey engine machining process equipment supply, installation and commissioning works meet the technical requirements of the agreement, the work-site production of drawings to meet the accuracy requirements, with the final acceptance criteria. Subsequently, the new Deputy Minister of the Ministry of 方俊卿 Ryoma engine project and deputy director 江海鸿 our project managers to sign the final acceptance report.
Ryoma new engine machining equipment, new projects with a total investment 290 million yuan, the new 1.0-1.25 liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine block, cylinder head production line tact 156 seconds, key equipment such as cylinder machining centers, head finishing equipment , cylinder honing machines, precision measuring equipment imported from Germany and Japan, other equipment from domestic manufacturers; also responsible for inter-precision measurement, tool room, tool room, room service, external examination center, room cleanliness, logistics and other auxiliary equipment Selection and supply of equipment and services sector.
Starting from the signing in May 2013 of the total contract, I project department under the leadership of Jia Xijun, vice president of the company in charge of the careful guidance, and actively organize, sincere cooperation, from project planning to process design, to equipment installation and commissioning approach, take seriously every link. Drawings change the face of the commissioning phase, site owners who lack basic skills to operate and maintain, while a number of equipment suppliers scene coordination and complex difficulties, their positive attitude, full of enthusiasm, professionalism and coordination of the various levels of processing problems at April 1, 2015 to begin pilot production, after six months of rectification of the problem, and finally in accordance with established plans in 2016 before the Spring Festival completed the final acceptance of the project. The owners of the machine plus the hard work of the project department to be fully affirmed the company's general contractor for the ability to give high praise.
Smooth acceptance of the project, not only marks the company for engine plant EPC capabilities greatly improved, as well as our further cooperation and new Ryoma has laid a solid foundation. We have reason to believe that the future of the project, the new Ma will be more dependent on the steam project. The process design will be a new engine Ryoma project as an opportunity to usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!
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