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National Machine Group Work Conference was successfully held in 2016 I re-group "advanced unit" honorary title

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National Machine Group Work Conference was successfully held in 2016 I re-group "advanced unit" honorary title

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2016/01/22 00:00
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National Machine Group Work Conference was successfully held in 2016 I re-group "advanced unit" honorary title

January 20 to 21, 2016, the National Machine Group and the work of party building work conference held in the headquarters of the Group. State Department in the National Machine Group Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Liu Shunda attend and the Group's development as an important indication, Ren Hongbin, chairman of an important speech, Xu, president of the work report for 2016, Shi Ke Shuji presided over the meeting and the National Machine Group 2016 Working Party Report, Commission for discipline Inspection Wang Kewei Group informed the Group of discipline inspection and supervision cases. State Department in the National Machine Group Supervisory Board leaders and comrades; group of outside directors, group leaders, party and government-owned enterprises is mainly responsible for the group assignment director, the department head of the headquarters, some staff representatives, a total of more than 200 people attended the meeting. I have the right to chairman Chen, general manager Ding Yue participated in the main venue of the meeting. Owned enterprise leadership team members and other staff representatives at the meeting to hear each venue.
Ren Hongbin, chairman at the meeting entitled "second venture, the firm forward," the live presentation, in the form of illustrations and delegates together back in 2015 the Group's development, the prospect of development of the situation in 2016, and shared their enterprise innovation-driven, restructuring, opening up and cooperation, deepen reform and deep thinking quality and efficiency in five areas.
Ren Hongbin, chairman of the Group affirmed the first major achievements in 2015 and the "second five" period, special thanks to the reform and revitalization of the Chinese double "Battle" and build a national capital plate machine, upgrade non-entity and international operations, and other three "tough fight" in the group of cadres and workers to pay hard. Meanwhile, Ren Hongbin, chairman also pointed out that the Group's market development, improve profitability, foster new momentum, the existence of aspects of risk management and control, and personnel and other issues. He stressed the need to attach great importance to these issues, a careful analysis of the causes and take effective measures to be optimized, addressed those laying the foundation for long-term benefit must insist on doing things, seriously do!
Combined with the development of the situation at home and abroad in 2016, Ren Hongbin, chairman of requiring Group companies adhere to innovation, coordination, green, open, shared concept of development, strengthen the style construction, strengthen top-level plan, solve development problems, really good steady growth, China double revitalization reform, comprehensive innovation, enterprise reform, resource integration, the new national machine overseas construction work. Ren Hongbin, chairman reiterated the group in 2015 proposed the development of ideas and a second pioneering new national recycling machine overseas, emphasizing that it is the overall goal of the Group's future mandate period, we must unswervingly to achieve it. Ren Hongbin, chairman of the meeting also issued entitled "re-innovation, focus on reform, and promote transformation and continuously push forward the National Machine Group improving efficiency upgrade" written speech.
Xu Jian, general manager made a speech entitled "fulfill the second venture, to seek quality growth, ensure the realization of" Thirteen Five "a good start" work report, a comprehensive summary of the Group's business in 2015, and set 2016 development ideas and tasks and stressed that the Group's business development issues to be solved. Finally, Xu Jian, general manager requires that all group companies to thoroughly implement the party's 18 and the eighth session of the previous plenary session, to fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the central economic work conference and the meeting of heads of central enterprises, and strive to practice the second venture, Manpower grasp innovation, reform, development of the three themes, focus their efforts on the production and operation, to achieve China double turn around, drive full implementation of innovation, and actively promote enterprise reform, carry out the integration of resources, continued to deepen enterprise management, to seek quality growth ensure the realization of "thirteen five" good start.
At the meeting, the National Machine Group to acquire the advanced year 2015 were commended. My company because of good operating performance, outstanding scientific and technological innovation, quality and efficiency increased significantly, the Group successfully completed the tasks assigned objectives, the Group once again won the "advanced unit" title. This is our fifth year in a row to get the honorary title.
2016, I will earnestly study and implement the spirit of the work group meeting, the implementation of the work plan of the General Assembly, under the correct leadership of the group, identify the entry point, grasp the key points, the focus point of force, complete the good tasks, ensure that the company "five" plan a good beginning, a good start.
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