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SGMW plant project in Indonesia vehicle logistics services contract

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SGMW plant project in Indonesia vehicle logistics services contract

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2016/02/02 00:00
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SGMW plant project in Indonesia vehicle logistics services contract

January 28, 2016 morning, Ding Yue, general manager of a cordial meeting in Conference Room 4, deputy general manager of COSCO Yu Tao and his party, the COSCON Division I SGMW plant project in Indonesia to provide full logistic service contract, contract management department deputy Liu Jiao Ministers attended the signing ceremony.
Before the signing, the two sides were warm and cordial talks and together watched the steam engineering and COSCON video commercials, deepened on both the corporate sector and the industries in which knowledge and understanding. During the talks, COSCON Yu Tao, vice president introduced the strength, route density and strengths, global service network, the domestic status of the shipping industry restructuring COSCO ship carrier, etc; highlight the COSCO worldwide network of services and sites, and expressed his willingness steam Engineering "going out" to provide relevant services and support and warm welcome in steam engineering staff to visit the COSCON representatives of the most advanced level of large container ships. Ding Yue of general manager of COSCO able to participate in the Indonesian project logistics services expressed gratitude to the guests in detail the background to the establishment, development process and the status of the industry like gasoline and engineering, and to logistics and transport modes domestic coastal car project and the guests were communicate with. Ding said the total, the same as state-owned enterprises, the two sides have similar corporate culture and development mission to help the two sides to cooperate more active and effective communication and integration during operation, lay the foundation for further cooperation in future.
The project team will then set the whole point SGMW Indonesia project logistics services were demonstrated, consists mainly focused warehousing, export declarations, maritime transport, import customs clearance, inland transportation and other sectors in Indonesia. Half past ten, the two sides formally signed, COSCON representatives presented the image of a ship model to set the gas companies, SGMW Indonesia vehicle factory logistics services become steam engineering and COSCON first collaboration in the field of logistics.
Through this contract and future cooperation, set in the steam and the same for the central enterprises, we will be able in the context of the global economic slowdown, hold together for warmth, optimize the allocation of resources, reduce operating costs, for the future development of enterprises to create a more favorable conditions of!
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