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Sasac: in 2013, the Chinese state will implement comprehensive risk management

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Sasac: in 2013, the Chinese state will implement comprehensive risk management

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2013/01/10 00:00
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State-owned assets supervision and administration commission, said in a news release that the central enterprises to implement comprehensive risk management since 2013, and in the central enterprise supervision over and inspection of the central enterprises management improve of the board of supervisors.
It is understood that the central economic work conference concluded in Beijing on December 16, 2012. Conference, thinks that in 2013 the international economic situation is still complicated and uncertain, the world economic slow growth trend will continue. Meeting puts forward, reasonable arrangement of productivity layout, the relationship of the national economy, the scale economic benefit is remarkable significant projects, must adhere to the national game, overall planning, scientific layout.
Sasac also said that 2013 is the "twelfth five-year" for a year, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and also is the key stage of the central enterprise management promotion activities, in order to further promote the central enterprises to adapt to the complex economic environment and the ability of market conditions, sasac issued "about 2013 central enterprises to carry out a comprehensive risk management related issues notice, for the central enterprises to conduct a comprehensive risk management.
"Notice" pointed out that the comprehensive risk management of state-owned enterprises will focus on improving the capacity of risk analysis, strengthen the whole process of significant risk management, risk management and daily management of the organic integration, and enhance the level of risk management of institutionalization, standardization. Since 2013, the central enterprises may voluntarily submit a comprehensive risk management to state-owned assets supervision and administration of the annual report.
In addition, the sasac website on December 17, 2012, also released on the central enterprise management promotion activities included in the current supervision of the board of supervisors announcement concerning the matters. Sasac decided by in the central enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the supervisory board) of the board of supervisors for the central enterprises to manage the promotion activities for the supervision and inspection. The board of supervisors will hear executives reporting to management promotion project, the first stage and the enterprise performance, the second stage work and follow-up activities arrangement and advice are put forward. In the field of supervisory board will be to focus on promotion planning, execution, completion, track inspection.
Experts say, risk management has been a relatively weak link of China's enterprise management. Sasac has always attached great importance to the state of risk management problems, 2006 issued by the central enterprise comprehensive risk management guidelines ", to prevent the loss of state-owned assets, protect the interests of investors and promote the enterprise establish and perfect the mechanism of risk management.
Source: China's news

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