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The machine group held a work conference in 2013

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The machine group held a work conference in 2013

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2013/01/30 00:00
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January 21, 2013 working meeting of the machine group in the group headquarters. Under the state council in the machine group Liu Shunda chairman of the board of supervisors to attend the conference and the group development made important instructions, Ren Hongbin chairman made important speech, he made in 2012, general manager of the work report, Xu Nian sand secretary of party construction work report for 2012. Meeting shall be presided over by Chen Zhi vice chairman. Under the state council in the machine group 27 do wang zhenghua, deputy director of the board of supervisors, sasac companies do two innings six prescription bamboo, Han Xi group outside directors are, liu high Zhuo, AnDeWu, even d, ticket bright, Wu Xiaogen, group leader to attend the meeting; Group of assigning directors, the enterprise party chief, headquarters and invited, head of the department office staff on behalf of a total of more than 160 people attended the meeting. Group affiliated enterprises some other team members and staff in the video at the venue to listen to the meeting.
Ren Hongbin chairman in conference titled "after to practical and thorough going efforts to promote growth" for the quality of speech, a summary in 2012 and the achievement and experience of the reform and development of the past decade, profound analysis of the macroeconomic situation in 2013 and the group of the industry development situation, clearly pointed out in this year and for a time, through integration of paying special attention to the restructuring, transformation and upgrading, four major work of the international operation and enterprise management, further construction machine "" five countries, earnestly implement quality, efficiency and sustainable development. Ren Hongbin, chairman of the special emphasis on, during the process of promoting the development of the group, to carry out the eighteenth big spirit, earnestly substantial work, change style, strengthen learning, anti-corruption work, to avoid empty talk, task oriented, with new style new momentum to promote enterprise development.
He made at the meeting, President titled "earnestly implement the eighteenth big mental coping with difficult challenges continue to push the machine group is moving towards the world first-class enterprise, the work report, summarized the group work in 2012, about 2013 work has carried on the comprehensive deployment. He President pointed out that in the face of domestic and foreign development situation and its own actual situation, group to improve the quality and efficiency of growth as the center, with an emphasis on management improvement and resource integration, focus our priorities in seven aspects, the all-round development, lay a foundation for moving towards the world first-class enterprise.
Xu Nian sand secretary made at the meeting entitled "thoroughly study and apply the spirit, the party's 18th in the machine group, to overcome the difficult in the reform and development of a new journey, then set up new" of the party-building work report. A systemic summary of party construction in 2012, and makes a specific deployment for this job. Xu Nian sand secretary of the party committees at all levels for group thoroughly study and apply the spirit, the party's 18 according to the requirements of building a learning party organization, a service-oriented, innovative, closely integrated management promotion activities, strengthen overall group, the party's construction, and further enhance the level of scientific party construction and unity to lead the masses of party members and cadres worker in deepening the reform and development, improve the management level, speed up the transformation and upgrading, construction machine, "" five countries to overcome the difficult in the journey, then set.
Liu Shunda chairman of the machine group obtained the excellent result in 2012 gave full affirmation and heartfelt congratulations, and puts forward some Suggestions for the development of the group in the future. Liu Shunda chairman pointed out that the eighteenth big put forward the "four modernizations" and "four outstanding" put forward by the state-owned assets supervision and administration for the group's reform, development and provides an important strategic opportunities, the machine all the cadre staff to seize the external opportunities, further understanding the connotation of "five countries machine", through the clear and make requirements, location, design, and on the label and calculation work, five aspects to "five countries machine" concretization, achieve the mission of leading and innovation. Liu Shunda chairman said on behalf of the board of supervisors office at the same time, the cooperation and good services, ensure the machine in the healthy and benign development of deepen reforms and open still wider to the outside world.
2012 is the new century economic development at home and abroad are a difficult year, in the face of this situation complex business, under the correct leadership of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, seriously implement the board's decision to deploy the machine group, bear in mind that the mission, firm the confidence, overcome difficulties, solid work, vigorously promotes the market development, and strengthening technological innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading, promote management, steady business growth, the successful completion of each task. In 2012, the total revenue of 213.4 billion yuan, up 11% from a year earlier. Total profit year-on-year growth of 11%; Complete the economic added value 4.4 billion yuan, up 0.8% from a year earlier. Total revenues, profits, such as the main business index hit a record high, overfulfilled the sasac and the objective of the board of directors, to continue the development of the fast growth momentum.
Source: the machine group website