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The equipment manufacturing industry in our country in 2012 the continuation of the steady adjustment

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The equipment manufacturing industry in our country in 2012 the continuation of the steady adjustment

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2013/04/01 00:00
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In 2012, production and marketing of equipment manufacturing industry in our country to maintain double-digit growth, gross value of industrial output is expected to exceed 19 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.5% over the previous year. Although the added value of industry growth below all industrial growth, but there are still looking at more than 9%. From the dimension of machinery industry, the added value of output and continue to refresh the record, industry continued for more than a decade of overall prosperity growth, periodic steady adjustment.
Contradictions still exist structural overcapacity
By the domestic and international market demand slowed, rising manufacturing costs and structural overcapacity factors, most of the enterprise production and operation, more, more difficulty in profitability. Industry overall appears as falling in the third quarter of 2012 years ago, in the fourth quarter run steady.
Affected by the macroeconomic regulation and control and a decline in investment returns, industry of fixed asset investment growth fell by around 25%, accounting for the proportion of manufacturing down, reflect the effect of regulation. But the year total investment of more than 4 trillion yuan, the scale is still large. Automotive, electrical and electrical and petrochemical equipment total investment proportion high, agricultural machinery and heavy equipment industries such as investment growth rapidly.
Last year, most industry enterprises in the years of low capacity utilization, therefore, in the future, still need to focus on the contradiction between structural overcapacity, need to continue to strengthen to do not have the profitability capacity elimination.
The overall positive future industry development trend
Looking ahead to 2013, from the industry's external environment, our country continues to speed up the innovation drive, structural adjustment and change of the pattern of economic development, further promote the industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, the external macro policies, the development of equipment manufacturing industry and the economy, technology and social environment was positive.
From the point of investment, investment of industry growth contribution will be to maintain the level of 2012, is expected to track traffic, road traffic and other infrastructure investment, part of the energy, raw materials, chemical industry and downstream users of investment recovery this year will continue to efficiency improves, the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry development conditions.
From the Angle of final consumption of urban and rural residents, cars and home appliances is the backbone of consumption growth. At the same time, China will continue to perfect the system of the consumption to promote. In essence, investment behavior fall in external demand weakness, manufacturing, equipment manufacturing industry growth endogenous power also comes from the domestic consumption of new hot spots are formed and traditional varieties of scale expansion.
From the point of hot fields, in 2013, the equipment manufacturing industry of traditional user field, such as automotive, aerospace, Marine, military industry, nuclear power and real estate areas such as the need for equipment is expected to rebound slightly. Among them, the agricultural machinery market continues to benefit policy support, to maintain high growth momentum; High-speed rail, rail, subway, such as large capacity, and long distance transportation of the boom of equipment and related equipment manufacturing industry is expected to rise; Advance of urbanization objectively will help to stabilize the real estate market, engineering machinery, such as low voltage electrical market downturn is expected to restart. Import substitution, intelligent manufacturing and energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements of users, to continue to lead the direction of the structure of the equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade, this also is the development direction of equipment manufacturing enterprises.
The industry predicted that in 2013, for the first time in the equipment manufacturing industry more than 10 years experience in production and sales growth double-digit margins, many equipment manufacturing enterprises will usher in recent years in hand orders for at least a year. The same as in 2012, this year there are many enterprises need to experience loss again, or a small profit. But overall, the market signs of recovery will be more significant, enterprise production and operation conditions are much better than the previous year, profitability improved total body.