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The China youth daily: brand building is to be a state "head" project

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The China youth daily: brand building is to be a state "head" project

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2014/01/09 00:00
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On January 3, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the construction of brand of central enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), the requirement by the end of 2020, the central enterprises to emerge a batch of clarity, brand management system and improve the brand strategy, and remarkable achievements in brand building of enterprises; Formed a batch of goods are superior in quality, service, widely influential well-known brand; Cultivate a group of independent brands with independent intellectual property rights and the international competitiveness.
Although central enterprises to enter the number of the world top 500 enterprises increased year by year, but the problem of "big but not strong", especially lack of in the world famous brand that makes. Sasac to recognize that the central enterprises to implement "development, the world first-class" goal must be to create world-class brand.
Moreover, the brand is the important foundation of enterprise competitiveness and sustainable development ability. As a new science and technology and industrial revolution to speed up the evolution, especially with the Internet as the core of information technology is widely used, have differentiation and high quality brand advantage, increasingly becomes the key to win the market competition. The central enterprises to win a new competitive advantage, must through the create a group with core intellectual property rights of independent brands, to realize transformation from scale expansion to quality benefits, from the value chain of low-end to high-end value chain.
In addition, to strengthen the construction of brand is need to improve the level of international operation of reality. With the economic globalization process is accelerated, with the international well-known brand has become a leading global allocation of resources and expand the market. Well-known multinational companies use brand influence in the global organization development, purchase, production, and implementation of merger, acquisition and reorganization, the leading international standards, won the larger development space. At present, our country enterprise in the international division of labor system in a more low-end value chain, lack of international voice, global resources and develop international market needs to be improved.
Besides, the brand as an intangible asset, it is an important part of enterprise value. Majority of central enterprises in our country has not yet been attention to the value of brand assets, brand asset management and protection level lags far behind in a multinational company. Some companies at the time of merger, acquisition and reorganization to pay a higher premium brand, but ignore the brand when they sell transfer assets, lead to the brand assets underestimated or loss.
Because of this, the central enterprises must vigorously implement the brand strategy, brand strategy as the highest competition strategy, and penetrated into all aspects of company operations management.
"Opinions", stressed that the central enterprises to independent innovation as the kernel of cultivating brand, the brand value as the important measure of innovation performance. To form independent intellectual property rights and brand advantages, vigorously enhance the capacity of integrated innovation, cultivate the original innovation ability, accelerating has a group of core and key technologies, and strive to achieve from "made in China" to "created in China". Matter at customer needs, continue to create value for customers. To transform and upgrade traditional industries, orderly into the high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries, and strengthen the notion of international standards, conquers the highest position in the industrial development.
At the same time, the central enterprises should put the quality as the cornerstone of the brand, adhere to customer first, establish and improve the comprehensive quality management system, attention to customer demands, improve the service system, adhere to excellence, to create first-class brand and famous brand.
"Opinion" also requires that the central enterprises to the good faith as the lifeblood of a brand, operating in accordance with the law, honest and trustworthy, resolutely put an end to "shop QiKe" behavior, to create "one hundred - year - old"; Will face the consumers, sincere credibility crisis, don't shy away from, do not cover up, do not elaborate. To strengthen the construction of public relations, and actively maintain the interests of the investors, creditors, suppliers and other interested parties, improve the information disclosure system, and create a good environment for the brand construction of. To adhere to the people-oriented, building a harmonious enterprise, shaping a good image. Will continue to increase service national strategy, security market supply, maintain public safety and promote price stability, participate in xinjiang Tibet signing such as green for poverty alleviation work, to participate in social public welfare activities and emergency rescue, the central enterprises should play the role of leading the way.
State-owned assets supervision and administration asked the central enterprises to work as a "top" brand engineering to grasp, a consistent, persistent.
On this basis, the central enterprises based on the brand construction of strategic objectives and implementation procedures, increase financial input, and the money for the construction of brand into the annual budget. To strengthen the brand of professional talents introduction, training, use, build brand construction professional team as soon as possible. To give full play to the role of the professional institutions, trade organizations and the media, enhance brand construction of the internal and external force.