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Reshape new manufacturing competitive advantage

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Reshape new manufacturing competitive advantage

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2015/04/13 00:00
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During the Spring Festival this year, people in a large number of overseas purchasing rice cooker, toilet seats and other daily necessities of news, caused people's great attention to China's manufacturing industry.
In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, what kind of situation and challenges facing China's manufacturing industry? How the "made in China" to "created in China" and implement from big to strong? Economic daily reporter interviewed, director-general of the department of the state council research office of industry and trade Zhang Junli. Zhang Junli thinks, at present, the developed countries take advantage of technology and industry of the development of advanced manufacturing industry of our country form a block, developing countries take advantage of low cost advantages of China's traditional manufacturing pursued. Enveloped, only to break through, to fight our way out, and turning challenges into opportunities, grab another round of manufacturing competitive high ground.
Face the status quo of industrial space is large
Reporter: manufacturing is the foundation and pillar of the national economy. How do you think the present situation of the manufacturing industry in our country?
Zhang Junli: since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing sector has created a remarkable performance. Manned spacecraft shenzhou 10, "dragon" manned submersible, the beidou satellite navigation system, the super computer, high-speed rail equipment, high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, million kilowatt ultra-supercritical thermal power unit, thousands of meters deep sea oil drilling equipment such as the birth of a large number of major equipment, shows a huge manufacturing ability and innovation potential.
At present, the 22 kinds of industrial products seven categories of output in the world first, including 220 kinds of industrial production first in the world. List issued the 2014 China top 500 enterprises, the number increased to 134 "billions of club"; For the first time to enter the world top 500 enterprises reached 100, analogy method, Germany, the three countries combined.
Although China's manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development, but compared with the world's manufacturing power, there is still a large gap, on the whole is still in the condition of big but not strong. Specific performance in six aspects, including: the independent innovation ability is not strong, unreasonable industrial structure, economic benefit is low, quality brand competitiveness is not strong, the resources use efficiency is low and intelligent, networking, digital level is not high.
On the independent innovation, our country enterprise independent intellectual property products, enterprise innovation power shortage. The core technology in higher external dependency, industry development needs of high-end equipment, key parts and components, key materials are imported. According to the Asian development bank study: an apple mobile phone wholesale price is $178.96, including Japan, Germany, South Korea can achieve 34%, 17% and 13% respectively, the Chinese would get only 3.6%, about $6.5.
On the industrial structure, technology intensive industries and a relatively low proportion of producer services, general processing industry and resource intensive industries proportion is too large, redundant construction and overcapacity serious part of the industry.
On the economic benefits, over the years, our country manufacturing industry overly dependent on the resources and funding large-scale investment, development pattern. Added value at a rate of 22.1% in 2012, down 26.24% to 26.24% in 2000, the manufacturing industry of developed countries value rate is generally over 35%, the United States, Germany and other countries more than 40%.
In the face of challenges to grab another round of manufacturing competitive high ground
Reporter: put forward the implementation of the "made in China 2025" in our country, accelerate from manufacturer to the background and significance of manufacturing power is what?
Zhang Junli: current, the development of manufacturing industry of domestic and international environment is undergoing profound changes. Domestically, the previous low factor cost advantage is gradually reduced, resources and environment constraints significantly improved, some industry excess capacity, capacity for independent innovation problem, the traditional development model is unsustainable.
From the international new technology and industrial revolution is on the rise, manufacturing industry development trend and competition faces a major adjustment. Developed countries have implemented "industrialization" and "return" manufacturing strategy, surrounding manufacturing, strategies, policies, investment funds, reveal the national will, trying to win new manufacturing competitive advantage. Some developing countries are also speed up the planning and layout, actively integrate into the global division of labor system again, undertake industry and capital transfer, expand the international market space. Grab another round of manufacturing competitive high ground, threatening situation.
From manufacturing power needed for manufacturing powerhouse is strategy towards. Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, is the founding of this, rich and apparatus and rejuvenating the country. Our country is in the industrialization of the later period, the economic growth is still mainly rely on the real economy, depends on the development of manufacturing industry. As xi general secretary pointed out, "we so a big country to powerful, want to rely on the real economy", "the real economy is the country's capital, especially advanced manufacturing industry to develop manufacturing industry". So, we must firmly grasp the manufacturing of the founding of this strategic position, formulate implementation of manufacturing strategy, strive to be the 100th anniversary of the founding of new China, build a world-class manufacturing power, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to provide strong strategic support.
From a big manufacturing is developing toward making power to. The current economic development of our country has entered the new normal, how can the steady speed, both maintain rapid growth, and to promote transformation and upgrading of industries, and towards the high-end level, the key is to change the pattern of economic development, reshape the new competitive advantage, focus on manufacturing, difficulties in manufacturing, the way is in manufacturing. We constitute a manufacturing powerhouse for implementing strategy, implement the "made in China 2025", is to get a road for manufacturing development under the new normal, do not because of speed regulation, and the amount of quality better, promote the quality, and the efficiency upgrading, China's economy in middle and high-end level.
Grasp the direction key areas catch up and lead
Reporter: reshape new competition advantage, realize manufacturing from big to strong, the current should be where to breakthrough?
Zhang Junli: first of all need to have a clear train of thought, grasp the direction. To adhere to the new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, in order to promote the development of manufacturing industry innovation as the theme, in order to promote the depth of information and communication technologies and manufacturing integration by the main line, to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the breakthrough point, to strengthen the ability of industrial base, improve the level of comprehensive integration, promoting transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and promote China's manufacturing implementation by the history of the big teams across; To strengthen strategic planning, accurately grasp the main direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, speed up the transformation and upgrading, and mass transfer efficiency, enhance core competitiveness and sustainable development of manufacturing capacity; Around significant economic and social development and national security needs, integrate resources, forming resultant force, the implementation of a number of major projects, to achieve targeted across and catch up.
Next, want to highlight the key areas. In today's world, a new generation of information and communication technologies are widely used manufacturing development idea, technical system, manufacturing mode and reform the value chain, the change trend and the core is the digital, network and intelligent manufacturing. These areas is the future development direction of manufacturing and the gap between us. Construction manufacturing powerhouse is narrowing the gap with the international, concentrating, highlighting solve the weak link in the field of high-end manufacturing, at the same time improve advantage industry's international competitiveness, the need to select key areas and key industries, take the lead to achieve the catch up and lead. These key areas in specific industries, is to be in a new generation of information and communication technology industry, intelligent manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment, Marine engineering equipment and high technology of ship, rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric equipment, new materials, biological medicine and high-performance medical equipment to catch up with and lead the world advanced level.
Reporter: in key areas to catch up with and lead, speed up towards a manufacturing power, the current on the mechanism and system also need to solve what problem?
Zhang Junli: construction of manufacturing power, the current urgent need real work gripper. One is to accelerate the construction of manufacturing innovation capability and system, build the enterprise as the main body, market oriented, with combination of manufacturing industry innovation system; 2 it is to promote informatization and industrialization depth fusion, promote manufacturing industry to accelerate the digital, network and intelligent; 3 it is to vigorously promote industrial base ability, strong industrial base engineering. Around the "traction, major breakthroughs and platform support, carry out application demonstration, the core should be resolved based on parts (components), advanced technology, key materials and industrial technology base (hereinafter referred to as" four base "), and other weak industrial base; Four is to strengthen the construction of quality and brand, and constantly improve enterprise brand value and the "made in China" the overall image; Five is the comprehensive implementation of green manufacturing, green, low carbon, accelerate the manufacturing cycle development; Six is to promote manufacturing industry structure adjustment. Vigorously develop high-end manufacturing industry, promote the traditional industry to upgrade, modern manufacturing service industry, to optimize manufacturing layout, we will accelerate the cultivation of globally competitive advantage industry and enterprise groups.
Next, create a good environment. Through deepening reform, accelerate the implementation of an integrated market access system and negative inventory management, to carry out the enterprise investment main body status, promote the manufacturing enterprise credit system construction. At the same time, promote the healthy development of the manufacturing industry policy system, formulate the banking, securities, futures, insurance and other financial policies to promote the development of manufacturing industry health, improve support manufacturing innovation and development of the fiscal and taxation policies. Improve the multi-level talent cultivation system, strengthen key areas development needs talents, discipline leaders, leading personnel and technology skills training, increasing shortage of talents. (economic daily reporter Yang Guomin)
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