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"Three" and "three expand" strength to promote the equipment manufacturing industry to go out

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"Three" and "three expand" strength to promote the equipment manufacturing industry to go out

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2015/04/21 00:00
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In early April, the state council premier li keqiang equipped to go out and promote the international cooperation capacity in China symposium pointed out that in efforts to promote the transformation of foreign trade, effective use of foreign capital on the basis of, speed up the equipment go out of China and promote the international cooperation capacity, it is the important measures to realize our country's economy to mass synergy upgrade, is conducive to cultivating new advantages of opening to the outside world and promote optimal into optimal out of new pattern of the open economy, make China's economy and the depth of the world economy on a higher level.
"Going out" has become a big focus of the government's work this year. Following this year on January 8, the state council executive meeting after deployment to speed up the nuclear power equipment in China, such as going out, on April 15, the state council executive meeting decided, according to the long-term development of nuclear power, the approved construction in coastal areas "hualong" number one demonstration unit. Meeting requirements, through implementation of demonstration projects, take the highest international safety standards, improve the contingency plans and emergency response measures to ensure the safety of the engineering construction and operation form with independent intellectual property rights of core technology, key equipment and for nuclear power equipment go out and create favorable conditions to develop third party cooperation.
"The hualong 1 demonstration projects won the approval of the state council, for nuclear power went out and has very important strategic significance." Sealand securities (19.59, 0.77, 4.09%) of new energy industry analysts Tan Qian thinks, from the national development and reform commission approved to the approval of the state council in just half a month time, fully illustrates the clear out to remove obstacles for nuclear power at the national level, the original June FCD plan is likely to be ahead of time to the end of April.
On 4 February this year, "hualong" number one already export Argentina, has become the "name card" of nuclear power to go out in our country.
It is worth mentioning that with the upcoming "area" program, the investment bank starting list settles 57 countries and new electric change plan issued by positive factors such as the release of equipment go out of route will become clear, the market for the attention of the equipment manufacturing industry is also increasing. According to "securities daily" reporters observed, as of April 17, "One Belt And One Road" two concepts and rail infrastructure sectors have been implemented six even higher, gain of 5.87% and 5.87% respectively, and a suit of oil and gas and Marine engineering equipment two concepts plate has been rising for two consecutive days, where oil and gas sector 6.29%; and Marine engineering equipment sectors were as high as 9.32%.
D good said, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) around the "area" of the overall strategy, advance equipment to go out, to strengthen international cooperation in capacity, is an important task for economic reform this year. Even d said, from the "three reduction" and "three expand" to promote equipment to go out. "Three", one is to reduce the examination and approval, the second is to reduce fee, three is to clean up and cancel restriction enterprise to go out, go out and equipped all kinds of unreasonable restrictions. And the "three expand", one is to expand the financing channels, the second is to expand cooperation services, 3 it is to extend the cooperation mechanism.
"The equipment manufacturing industry to go out is one of the important investment opportunities in the next few years, China has to go out the advantage of industry including high-speed rail, nuclear power, construction, uhv grid, 4 g networks, etc." Everbright securities (33.02, 1.79, 5.73%) strategy, a researcher at an said.
Article source: securities daily