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The machine group fifth worker of track and field sports meeting was successfully held

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The machine group fifth worker of track and field sports meeting was successfully held

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2015/09/21 00:00
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Autumn in Beijing, cheng of white and blue. On September 18, with "resultant force, innovation and win-win" as the theme of the machine group, the fifth worker in track and field sports meet held a grand national Olympic sports center, from company headquarters and subordinate enterprise group of 42 teams of more than 5000 athletes and spectators gathered in the capital, with "harmony".
The games athletes for nearly 1700 people, including staff of nearly 600 participants in Beijing and the referee number 110 people, over 100 volunteers; Create events for 60, of which the athletics 35, 25 fun project, the games have been added for broadcast gymnastics link, the most complete is the successive games competitors, most contestants, organization the biggest games.
The principles for the great attention of leaders at all levels. Secretary Shi Ke opening, put forward the organizing committee and all levels of the unit to "peace, health, harmony and joy" as the objective, will open the games into a high quality games. Ren Hongbin chairman and general manager he announced the opening and closing, sasac QunGong bureau deputy director Xu Yudong, the machine group of outside directors and members of the group of leaders in Beijing, all attended the opening ceremony and watch the game.
In the games organizing committee to implement the central eight, austerity will at the same time, give full play to group internal resources, through positive innovation management, elaborate design and specification, will be the games belongs to one of the machines themselves. Each team uniform broadcast gymnastics competition, young worker dynamic setting-up exercise performance, the leading cadre 4 * 50 meters relay, WeChat interactive platform, on-site interview broadcast... These novel agenda setting the atmosphere to a climax after another, for the player and the audience showed a different and interesting games.
On this wonderful stage, the machine athletes full participation and dedication. This is once every three years the machine family is the most grand sports event, it will be competitive and harmonious, morale and love and perfect harmony. Although only one day, the race goes well, but the games results well. In the competition, athletes rushed, outside the field, in the evening, cheerleading, write articles, photos and so on each link, each team also carefully, participated in. Various enterprises to attend the group games as a display of the corporate image, to show the worker mental outlook, and fight for the honor, coagulation cohesion precious chance, go all out and enthusiasm. Almost all secondary enterprises selected a team, a lot of units has held sports meeting in advance or competition, the athletes kept in training all the summer sorching burning sun.
After fierce competition, Sue beauty of group, China electric institute, China yituo, China double, China NongJiYuan, machine machine in heavy industry, China forma, six yuan and other eight units respectively 1 to 8 games in team total score; China double, China yituo, CMEC respectively broadcasting gymnastics competition of 1 to 3, hna and other six units won first prize; The machine car 10 units with the opponent won the special award excellent preparations; Camce 10 units such as moral style; Six units such as China double won the award for best creative square; CMEC and other six units won the award for best publicity; China forma 15 units so as to obtain excellent organization.
Success of the games to promote employee fitness business, improve the worker physical quality has set up a platform effectively. Cadres and workers to participate in the games as an opportunity to consciously strengthen physical training, enhance their comprehensive quality, in a more healthy body and an active part in a wonderful state of mind group reform and development, second startup, overseas reconstruction of a new state machine in various undertakings, sustained and healthy development for the enterprise to make a positive contribution.