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"Growing up the road Thank you "company mass successfully held the Chinese New Year of 2015

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"Growing up the road Thank you "company mass successfully held the Chinese New Year of 2015

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2015/02/13 00:00
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Ten years is very long, there are miles and miles of youth and ten years and is very short, idle away one's. In this quiet and extraordinary decade, we have passion, have a dream, warm, touched and joy, tears, sweat and achievement. Ten years, we and RGL walk together, grow together.
Back in 2014, growing on the way, thank you; Outlook 2015, forge ahead, wonderful fertility. On February 9, in the afternoon, in 2015 the company "growth by the way thank you" is the Spring Festival mass held in the lecture hall on the third floor of a complete company headquarters. Packed inside hall, laughter, happy, a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Zhang Huiyi Ding Yueda company general manager, deputy general manager, Dai Min, Xia Hongwei, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, and middle-level cadres and young employees on behalf of a total of more than 200 people gathered, a retrospect of the 2014 harvest and joy together, common expresses the expectation and wishes for 2015.
To show positive upward and the spirit of unity, enhance staff's cohesive force and centripetal force, carry forward the excellent enterprise culture, to mobilize and inspire the staff love home enterprises, the director-general, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, confidence, a sense of pride, company Labour union, youth corps committee carefully planned organized the event. Due to the tight schedule, a burdensome task, from making plans to refine process, from the active promotion to the supplies material preparation, from screen layout program to decorate lighting sound, youth corps committee specially arrange the planning group company, you're, props, audio, crew, host group, staff 勠 concentric force, close cooperation, guarantee the 18 excellent programs of the exciting show.
Mass by the "wind and rain youth, pursue a decade", "all the way with you, thank you to accompany", "light up the future, hand in hand on" three chapters, in the evening "" harmony, the truth, plain and touched for fundamental key, through songs, comedy, cross talk, dance, poetry, and other forms of performance characteristic, to fully demonstrate the vigorous upward, energetic young employees spirit. Three chapters respectively arranged between the first worker cultural art festival, calligraphy and painting, photography, collection, handicrafts, essay, speech categories of awards; In five years young employees lucky draw; And the audience draw "wish card" link. It is worth mentioning, the elaborate design "wish card" to let the audience present sincere to write down their for work and life with expectation, hanging in the beautiful lucky tree, the wish card, dream of you as not just, more carries wishes and blessings to a better life.
A documented RGL ten years development course, RGL person ten years of wind and rain way sand painting, opened for the whole mass. Song class program, a song "big city small love" warm into the heart; Young employees bring songs medley construction four homes "" built" power down "four" a "sea rich in youthful and inspirational significance.
If it is a song show is warming up, the dance class is a show that let the feast one's eyes on of National People's Congress, lit the atmosphere, by the young staff of lovely babies dance I don't take your bait, special and meaningful to the production, the least of the performer only two and a half years old, one of the biggest is no more than 6 years of age, while younger children, but in the process of rehearsal, the children and their parents have a lot of effort, and hard, only to cute little rabbits in each stage performance seriously, mass was presented a first round; By four yuan trade unions, youth league entry "fire", really let the scene ignited by passion, music, and instantly set off the enthusiasm of the audience, the cheers and applause is heard; Technological academy league branch in the form of a modern dance performance as we deduce the brainwashing of 2014 divine comedy "my skateboard shoes"; League branch launched by function management the bright moonlight before bed, with you to revisit the cultural corridor of the poetic space thoughts, slow and graceful, feast for the eyes.
Language class program's most innovative, attract attention, touched the hearts of men. By the technology academy league branch of the young people of sketch "RGL members" tells the story of a warm heart, to our interpretation of "we are family, loving family. Construction of the judicial branch of four short the report the boss with RGL characterizes many details of life subtle vividly; Painting academy of the youth corps cell crosstalk "learning station by the young employees to and from work listening to the radio when driving out, two performers again verify the origin of tianjin is the crosstalk show quyi, wonderful goal; Construction of the youth corps cell from the research on stage "to return to the 20" with the audience had a "back in time" dreams, in the narrator the performance with a warm heart and make part of the audience into tears; Construction of the judicial branch of two little wit a made-up a talk show dahua "star" smell "makes a lot of viewers expect.
He relaxed and humorous way to share with you the company a year beside you all the fun and wonderful things happened, fully tap the punchline, the audience in stitches, laugh, applaud wonderful; Coating engineering league branch creation of dance drama "growth" through three chapters of record, show the young employees actively practicing the "cooperation and sincere beyond" spirit of enterprise, make people inspired; By combining poetry reading of the youth corps cell performance the RGL carol create original works by young employees and four reciter painted with surging strong feelings to review the development process of the company in a decade, shows the RGL people standing at a new historical starting point, create new splendor together, courage and confidence.
The mass of the most creative dream studio is by construction the courtyard of the small make up their own video clips of the day, short with a simple and plain pieces about RGL people seemingly ordinary and repeat every day, from video camera to video clips, from text editor to score late, were deeply infected with the presence of every audience. Work on at the same time, the site of the project and the brothers and sisters, although can't come to the scene, but it gives us a New Year gift, interspersed with the venue played by BMW projects department youth corps cell video clip made 2014, grew up in RGL, as well as the sorting, the site of the project back a video greeting.
Draw link, Ding Yueda general manager, deputy general manager, respectively, as a special guest Zhang Huiyi, for all types of activities to extract the lucky prize winner, butyl always have won "wish", at the same time, Zhang Huiyi deputy general manager also to the company all staff to the New Year greetings and best wishes to the company development, warm and inspire each employee at present.
Lasted three hours of performance, in the company of the youth league committee members in the chorus of "love because in the heart", "everyone has a dream, even if each other are not identical, to share with you, no matter failure success will move", RGL engineering is a vibrant, inspiring family and company of the youth league is also a love of family, youth corps committee members about this love together. Throughout the mass field all along is permeated with the atmosphere of happiness, joy, peace and happiness, from the start to the activity held by the company leadership of the concern and support, with the various departments and the youth corps cell cooperate, more by the vast number of actors in.
Bosom friend accompany, RGL project will not forget that holds together, the RGL project thank you. 2015, we hand in hand, create brilliance!