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Art light life Culture casting dream - company worker cultural festival series of activities reports documentary

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Art light life Culture casting dream - company worker cultural festival series of activities reports documentary

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2015/02/13 00:00
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In December 2014 - February 2015, in line with the employees with colorful culture life, motivate the staff setting hearts meet force; Carry forward the team spirit; Actively build people-centered, solidarity, uplifting RGL culture atmosphere; To build international famous engineering system services as the goal, better practice "the pursuit of a higher, better life" enterprise culture core idea. Sponsored by the company union, youth league and the company relevant association to undertake the first worker cultural art festival series of activities was held successfully. During the festival, chief consultant company deputy general manager Zhang Huiyi, festival head company trade union chairman Huang Zheng guide all the event planning and organization.
The activity with "condensed RGL, win-win future" for the purpose of the activity, by organizing the masses of workers to participate in healthy and progressive culture and art activities, improve the quality of the staff culture, rich cultural life, enhance employees team cohesion, singing RGL development main melody. The worker cultural art festival opening knowledge (correct), closing to report (annual worship) as the opening and closing ceremonies. Subject content can be divided into cultural life article, vocal music performing arts, RGL culture three chapters:
On December 20, 2014, the company knowledge correct contest final youth corps committee to undertake the company on the third floor hall opened the prelude of this festival. Zhang Huiyi company deputy general manager, trade union chairman Huang Zheng to visit the site and make the opening speech festival. The competition from tianjin, luoyang and the division of labor is 58 team 174 entrants. Final is divided into four stages, rotation, commando, fast and furious, and prepare. After the fierce conflicts between heat produced planning design, architectural design research four yuan a courtyard, painting academy of engineering, construction, painting academy of five representative team into the finals. In final, the players to answer freely, all show, fully embodies the Renaissance of the employees, knowledgeable personal comprehensive quality. The encyclopedia interesting knowledge competition won the support of all company departments, loved by employees, make everybody in pleasure at the same time also learned knowledge, actively practicing the "the pursuit of a higher, better life" enterprise idea, in order to establish the learning organization added connotation.
Dec 22-27, 2014, photography association, calligraphy association by the company to undertake the festival series of activities of cultural life in company B activity center. The exhibition by employees of painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, art collection and appreciation, handicrafts share of four parts. Selected works of the exhibition hall with focus and interactive vote chosen form of outstanding works. During Zhang Huiyi Ding Yueda company general manager, deputy general manager, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, trade unions, vice chairman and integrated management department jian-guo wang and other leaders to visit exhibition site and give the worker of all kinds of exhibition. Works of the exhibition and collection is full of beautiful things in eyes, colorful, there are exquisite craft of cross-stitch work, the grandeur of the photographic painting, has profound Chinese calligraphy, only beautiful realistic painting, simply called collection of stone, of primitive simplicity is elegant ancient art collection, etc., all let exhibition worker, clap the apse. This exhibition has about 500 employees and vote finally selected the exhibition of outstanding works:
At 12:30 noon on January 8, 2014, the first vocal music performing arts preliminaries worker cultural art festival performances in the lecture hall on the third floor of a hot, the edge of a butterfly spring up clever began performing dance, vocal music, dance, yoga, in turn, RGL undiscovered talent, versatile, the stage performance, the audience applause. The activity of the company and vocal music association, the company's interest in yoga group jointly undertake, divided into two parts, vocal music performance and dance performances, a total of 14. Vocal part includes chorus and personal presentation forms, such as high-quality goods show hall on the third floor in the company to report in the form of a small party.
The morning of January 17, 2015, the company "we walk together" theme of the youth corps committee to undertake essay lecture and recitation contest at company headquarters in the 3rd floor, block A meeting held successfully, A total of 21 players from the company's various departments and institutes to participate in the competition. Competition is divided into two stages, the first stage for essay stage. In essay received from all departments and institutes within the period of 54 articles, after the screening of article 21, become a lecture and recitation contest. The second phase to lecture and recitation contest stage. Of 21 players with their departments and institutes of essay champion title in recitation or speech. Players in combination with the actual, from different angles, different levels, or about their development together with the company in a decade of experience, or express their love to the company, or looking to the future development prospect of light. Their excellent performance to win the entire audience applause and praise. Zhang Huiyi deputy general manager, after performance of the players given the affirmation and reviewed the company ten years have achieved results, and thanked the company staff years of dedication and hope that we can at the same time to the company as an opportunity, to mark the 10th anniversary of good planning ahead, make become international famous for the RGL project engineering systems of service providers to make unremitting efforts.
On February 7, 2015 in the afternoon, youth corps committee by the company to undertake the "grow up the way, thank you" 2015 annual worship hall on the third floor in the company began. The annual worship as a festival last chapter from 13 division to participate, through two times rehearsal and screening with a total of 17 last appearance performance. Performance closely around 10 anniversary of the founding of the company background reflects the cooperation spirit of enterprising, sincere beyond RGL. Performance has the beautiful image of fine dancer, beautiful sounds of singing, laugh funny crosstalk, to think deeply of divine comedy sketch, popular element, show every one is in the precision choreography and the crystallization of wisdom. Flickering lights and sweet music touches the heart of the behind the scenes everybody RGL. Zhang Huiyi during the performance, the vice general manager, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, chief financial officer Xia Hongwei festival at various chapters winners prizes, company general manager Ding Yueda speeches, to offer the company each RGL thanked the staff and their families, and extract the happy fortunate blessing in the tree red bag bring RGL employees full of happiness, for RGL project point 32 praise.
Unto the sail of vigorously, stream to a song. As the annual worship the final chorus chorus, took the first three months of company worker cultural art festival ended successfully. The festival is not only to the RGL project provides a platform show talent, fly our dreams, as well as the company is an important part of enterprise culture construction. Activities successfully held for the company is committed to international well-known engineering system one of the strategic objectives of the service the heavy variety, a culture RGL project will in 2015 new meet new action "new normal" fly higher and further work direction.

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