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"Love on the run, the heart in a team" - the company of 2015 cadres quality expanding training was held successfully

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"Love on the run, the heart in a team" - the company of 2015 cadres quality expanding training was held successfully

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2015/06/30 00:00
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To further improve the business level of company cadres, condensed cadres team, improve the quality of the cadres comprehensively, strengthen the communication between our cadres, on June 27, youth league organizations to carry out the company in 2015 the theme of "love on the run, the heart in the team of cadres training, company, deputy party secretary Zhang Huiyi, comprehensive management department jian-guo wang, vice minister of human resources Zhang Jingshun, director of the party committee office in los yong full participation in the process of training, guidance, the company of the youth league members, cadres for a total of 55 people attended the training.
This one-day training, rich in content and highly targeted, the focus is on through carefully set development activities improve cadres execution, responsibility consciousness, act as consciousness, build a team culture. Is to improve the quality of the cadres, improve the ability of youth league organization service, so as to comprehensively promote the growth of the youth success; And the youth grow up, will certainly to enterprise reform and development to provide strong human resources support. Communist youth league in order to guarantee the training effect, the cost savings, the company with a number of training institutions and docking, training courses, effect of security communication, the related costs and other details, finally through the form of project bidding, determine the day interpersonal company as the implementation of the training institutions.
27 morning, 55 MingTuan cadres with the feelings of excitement by bus, came to the xiqing district willow island training base. In order to ensure the training effect, trainer team were randomly divided into three teams, each team projects, set up their own team leadership, a captain, secretary, the flag bearer, division of labor cooperation, "phaeton team" "swordsman" "star team" are a hindrance, talent, teams' bout, flag, motto wonderful showcase more applause and laughter.
Then each development project, in turn "supersonic" project teams you to me to, PK is intense; Refers to the platen challenge themselves, to overcome the pressure; "Magic brush," I led you, focus on details; Kick the shuttlecock "relay" inspire confidence, improve team morale; "Force engineering team consciousness," "hearts" teams with one to outdo each other; "Noah's ark" mental and physical combination... All gathered to fine focus, dedication, training ground chants, voices, cheering, applause, the. Training in the afternoon, the sky suddenly up sweep under the heavy rain, but didn't reduce everyone's enthusiasm and passion, instead more inspired the team fight, fight in the rain, I don't have a lasting appeal! Finally "phaeton team" with superhuman strength with highest activity integration.
In the end, the company vice secretary of party committee Zhang Huiyi are summarized for the training, organize the implementation and effect of the training to give the affirmation, fellow cadres actively in the process of activity showed the young organizational ability, innovation ability and communication skills, and young people full of vigor and vitality, reflected a MingTuan cadres should have the quality, hope that we can work in more courage to bear, condensed the positive energy, become a young man of locomotive, use own practical action to actively drive and influence the surrounding colleagues.
The training for the TuanGan provides a good platform to communicate to each other. Teams are in the process of training, the team fully mix, mutual understanding, understanding. After a day of training, sharing, everybody is very good to pull into the distance, enhance the friendship between each other.
To participate in the training of cadres have said, the training courses are ground, very full, although arrangement is very nervous, but we don't feel tired, feel the heart got to relax, have opened up the field of vision, exercise ability, hope that the communist youth league of training the more the better, let more youth league can attend the training.
Successfully held the training to further improve the cadres of the ideological quality, promote the communication and exchanges between the youth league organizations at all levels, improved the level of youth service enterprises, service the youth. Benefits a lot through this training, the broad masses of cadres are said to apply the knowledge learned in the work practice, to complete the company's goals, contribute to the youth and strength.