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Company a quality month activity kick-off in September

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Company a quality month activity kick-off in September

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2015/10/15 00:00
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On the afternoon of September 9, 2015, the company at the third meeting room and luoyang headquarters A second meeting room and internal audit quality month activity plan (video conference). Meeting shall be presided over by Yang Jian deputy general manager, deputy general manager Zhang Huiyi, zhi-feng huang, RuanBing, technology, management, head of the department at the production department and technology department staff 40 people attended the meeting.
First by the minister of technology department of liu qiao content and the arrangement of the internal audit of quality month activity. The quality month activity according to the requirements of quality inspection administration HeGuoJi group to develop a "attention to detail, ability to improve" the theme of the activities. Activities are divided into management audit, technical audit, on-site audit and product audit, drawings and selection information examination, quality and safety, etc., and for each link established specialized team, which is divided into seven groups. At the same time stressed the review key: value competition ground measures, target completion; Strong internal implementation of article, 10 on the wall to carry out the careful outside, find the problems and the problems existing in the month check monthly report.
The characteristics of the internal audit and the audit quality month activity, in the form of the combination of content, more wide range. Classification review, implement the responsibility. This is the first time increased the audit environment, occupational health and safety operation of the special audit, to improve our safety consciousness, the implementation of preventive measures.
Conference, zhi-feng huang, vice President and other personnel to some drawing process and surface problems are discussed, and put forward the request.
Yang, summarizes the total content of the meeting, article emphasizes strong technical team conducted a process-based should strengthen the internal review, especially for "all kinds of pipe well cannot be located in the road" the outstanding problem of in-depth examination, not because you can put on record without a detailed design. Yang always stressed that find out the reason, because of design problem, truly carried out in accordance with the provisions of punishment.
The planning for the quality month activity, the company leaders and departments attach great importance to. RGL project is a rigorous, standardized, always take the customer as the center of the enterprise, the company's performance, leave the company leadership attaches great importance to details of quality, hope this activity, improve staff quality consciousness and concept, to improve the design quality as the starting point of the work, cogent accomplish "quality" double increase "technology and quality management, product quality and service quality 'double satisfaction".