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Competition is full of passion, struggle Enhancing unity - the third workers sports meet four yuan

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Competition is full of passion, struggle Enhancing unity - the third workers sports meet four yuan

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2015/10/15 00:00
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Chase in September and wind, bathed in golden sunshine, on September 26, four hospital of the third worker games was held in luoyang hilo-systems middle school. From four yuan division of seven to 453 employees took part in the sports meeting.
The games was built four yuan yuan since the third session of large-scale integrated mass sports contests activities, activities for one day, a total of 49 set projects, including 26 track and field projects, 22 interesting projects, performing a project.
Officially opened at 8 a.m., the sports meeting, RGL assistant general manager of the company, zhang Lin, vice President of the four yuan, RGL schuster, vice President of the company general manager assistant, four courtyard, four yuan, deputy party secretary yong-gang huang, deputy chief engineer Liu Menglong, trade union chairman chun-lin jiang and related department heads attended the opening ceremony. Yong-gang huang, vice secretary of opening, after the athletes and referees on behalf of the oath, schuster announced, vice President of the games.
Games parade, flag hand, 7 division will be neat athletes wearing the clothes, with vigorous pace, one by one. Spirited parade, high-spirited face, fully shows the four hospital staff sunshine, healthy and positive spirit. After the parade, 11 la-la-la operation team composed of young female worker to show you a la-la-la operating performance. The girls beautiful body, beautiful clothes, and tidy and sporty performance added another glorious for sports field.
At 9 am, the official start of the game. With each successive projects, bring together the athletes to fly, presents the site of some of the exciting scenes. Built road, athletes carefully prepared activities actively, beaming smile calmly easily. When the starting gun, the sound is like arrows, racing on the track, speed and endurance race again and again, the fighting spirit of the pursuit of excellence in the competition, inspire everyone watching, blood is on the pitch. The stands, the cheerleaders try to Shouting, waving arms, with rapt attention to events: clap hands spoke the same rhythm, eyes looking outward together in the same direction, then cheered together, is permeated with happiness and harmonious sports atmosphere in the interactive... The scenes in with four hospital staff to show our powerful cohesion. Although there are game, players have benefited from the friendship, passion and joy. The podium, the announcer read the newsletters from the field, also from time to time, cheer for the athletes Shouting several voice, the busy and noisy. The tense and orderly games, everywhere embodies the enterprising, beyond the spirit of enterprise. The spirit of unity and struggle need we each to fully express!
After a competitive sport to day prosperity mechanical and electrical team division of labor will eventually have a group total score first, and the best organization, building design research division of a court can, the wisdom of supervision division will be the second and third place respectively in team total score.
In the sports meeting, team worker in friendship first, competition second, enterprising spirit, give full play to the team strength rushed, race out of style, race out of level, once again showing four yuan to carry out mass sports fruitful results. After the game, broad worker have said that to hold the sports meet is good for both the worker to keep fit, to create a good atmosphere of national fitness, and enhance the worker, the communication between departments, between shows everyone spirit striving to make progress, to enhance the staff's solidarity and collaboration capabilities, build the atmosphere of solidarity, harmonious corporate culture.
The games to get the support of company, four school leadership, four yuan trade unions, integrated management from prophase research, event planning, publicity mobilization, material preparation to organize games successfully concluded, done a lot of meticulous work. At the same time, the division of labor will actively cooperate with, fully mobilize and organize work has been done. The games, staff performance actively, many employees signed up for multiple projects. Believe that sports meeting, broad worker will be more full of enthusiasm, more energy into work, to make more contribution to company, four hospital development.
This fall, let us harvest is not only a result, or a kind of touched, but also a unity.