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Determined to face difficulties Open struggle journey - 2015 marks the end of the military training for new employees

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Determined to face difficulties Open struggle journey - 2015 marks the end of the military training for new employees

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2015/10/20 00:00
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According to the company's new employees training overall arrangement, July 23, 2015 solstice on August 3, 114 new staff in an air force base for ten days of military training. During this period, strict management system, daily routine, military training, to new employees with the soldiers of the code of conduct standards, require employees to execute commands, self-control and strong perseverance, bears hardships and stands hard work.
Get up early in the morning, blow the whistle with tone, daytime, against the sun sprinkled with sweat, in the evening, youth corps committee organize rich and colorful activities, to promote the individual into the collective at the same time, adjust the exhaustion of body and mind. Although every day is too simple but full and regular, new employees have much to gain. Military training to enhance the will in the day, and exercise the body, evening activities active atmosphere, rich in spirit.
Admittedly, there is a lot of excellence are born out of the simple, as happened in ordinary post extraordinary things. To complete each task, regardless of size, weight, priorities, through continuous grinding, examination, reflection, all can. So, practice makes perfect. By coincidence, enlightenment that is needed is a receptive, good at thinking, positive enterprising, persistent pursuit of the heart. Furthermore, from the perspective of the military, the ordinary is execution. May be on the surface, execution, you need to give up ego, is painful and is against my behavior. But after a deep analysis, can be found, only the reduce of self, to improve team under obedience fighting force, centripetal force and cohesive force.
If the training is acting on during the day, and evening activities is the influence the mind. Every activity in the evening, colorful and unforgettable. Here, the youth corps committee secretary Wang Zan to wonderful lectures in every new employees a ticket to the "heaven". Jian-guo wang ministers discussed the way of life from the perspective of earth, and by personal experience expounds their time space view, outlook on life, view, new employees have benefited a lot from. Is more difficult to forget the youth corps committee with suppression before Yang was born in July and August of new employees to celebrate the birthday, the sudden surprise to new employees actually felt the RGL family warmth, like the heart of the oasis, was moved Beyond words. In addition, the finance department Wang Luman to speak for the new employee on board after may encounter financial problems, as well as the processing way has carried on the lecture. The movements of the thrust during the training, building material outside of the spiritual world, is actually share practical life and work experience. Dribs and drabs, I can still remember, such as military camp green bosk point of hearts, I like to wear the rock soft water, make everyone we are strong at the same time, don't forget to have a soft heart.
Ten days of military training, in the face of the continuous high temperature, military training under the condition of heavy task, resolutely to new employees, joint effort, hand in hand through. Accompanied by period, the company youth corps committee, actively coordinate bath, accommodation, details such as eating, patient asked employee needs and physical condition, provide drugs for uncomfortable conditions. These various care to make the system of military training not only strictly, it reveals the warmth in the system. When employees against the hot sun hot summer, sweating heavily, all show, the military will understand, we should not be in pursuit of ease and comfort, but to abandon impetuous, to bear hardships and stand hard work as a starting point, with sweat river as the diameter, looking forward to growing up and making contributions to other people. When employees feel the warmth in the system, comprehend, bear is not an end, it hone compressive spirit, perseverance, obedience and institutionalization of forging, strengthen the consciousness of unity and enterprising, is the destination.
Zhang Huiyi on August 3 in the afternoon, the vice general manager, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, comprehensive management department jian-guo wang, secretary of the communist youth league, minister of human resources li-qiang zhang, Wang Zan attended the BiYing ceremony, inspected the employees training into a fruit. The staff in military uniforms, tall and majestic, looks, great enthusiasm and progress. Walk together, just step, step, along with the pace of the powerful; Salute, look, stop forward, to meet the brilliant sun; We practice, the swinging punch gusty wind. Such, Zhang Huiyi deputy general manager in his affirmation of the training of employees in the military training hard, praised the performance of employees in the parade, and expressed concerns about employees and Mr Ji. Then, to perform well during the period of military training 14 pacesetter presented certificates and prizes, shall be encouraged.
At the end of the literature and art joint performance of talented employees situation, takes the principle of entertainment, attracted the audience bursts of laughter, the laughter as good indicates no sweet without sweat. Military training is hard, but will finish for laughter and harvest. After this will also be new hires a firm belief that the efforts and strivings of today, will bring you joy and tomorrow's achievements.
Harvest fortitude, precipitation, realize philosophy, all send Yu Junxun memories.
Along with the training of the sun, lit our morale;
Activity of spiritual journey, clearing you my eyes.
Even if the storm hit, storm capsized, resolute and face;
Struggle on a journey and build a beautiful life together!
Communist youth league (the company)