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Dream start from learning by skill achievement, remember the third phase of the English language ability promotion training report examination and graduation ceremony

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Dream start from learning by skill achievement, remember the third phase of the English language ability promotion training report examination and graduation ceremony

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2015/10/20 00:00
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After two months of continuous system study, on September 28, in the afternoon, the third phase of the English language ability improve training courses in the final report of examination and graduation ceremony.
Assessment of the report with "team thear + + personal speech crazy word guessing" inspection in the form of training results. Activity invited wan-ming zhang, deputy dean of the research and construction management, contract management department Liu Jiao vice minister, production pang daqing (the first prize in the English speech contest), coating engineering Liu Yi (English training graduation examination of English host the first phase of the company), building 2 hospital Wan Jieyun (the second phase of the champions of the English language training company, good students), as well as the training lecturer whom are initially received at Selly judging, set up headquarters as white as the ice as a representative of the current students served as the host.
Assessment activities, the study group carefully prepared and vivid interpretation of the scene comedy, powerpoint presentation, poetry readings, semichorus, movie clips to imitate, and many other interesting English program, showing the vigorous, full of dreams, unity and enterprising spirit. Then, each group selected three students in accordance with the draw personal speech topic for each 1 minute and a half, from environmental protection and energy saving to the spirit of sports, from cultural integration to life choices, students with concise and fluent language in this paper, the intimate feeling. The highlight of the crazy word guessing link, each one to send her a guess, students wit performances and interesting answer more laughter from tuxedos, continuous applause. Finally, whom are initially received at Selly old architect to do the inspection summary, construction engineering research wan-ming zhang, vice President of improvisation in English more encouraged the students to cherish company rare development opportunities, adhere to the good habit of learning foreign language, in the process of the internationalization of the company positive contribution strength.
From late July to late September, the company in the third phase of the English language ability promotion training insist on every Tuesday and Thursday night classes, a total of 18 classes, the implementation of routine teaching 14 times, theme involving science and technology, art, travel, cultural traditions and so on all aspects of daily communication; Periodic salon activity 3 times, respectively movie imitation, English debate, personal speech assessment; Otherwise once a graduation examination. During the training course also actively explore the way of "process shock excitation, by periodically WeChat Lucky Money encourage students' participation. In the practice of the time and time again and PK, the students gradually break through ego, positive communication, English communication confidence, thinking and spoken English level significantly increased, learning pacesetter. English debate among them, building a courtyard Feng Tiandong salon "best debator" title; Asset finance Sun Fengling personal assessment of speech first good achievements.
Graduation ceremony, wan-ming zhang, deputy dean of the research and construction projects, contract management department vice minister, company secretary of the youth corps committee Wang Zan Liu Jiao respectively to achieve completion status 35 participants issued the certificate. Painting academy Cao Guxin, craft design song-yang li, asset finance Sun Fengling, 2 hospital Guo Yuan construction projects, construction engineering research jun-song liu, such as building a courtyard dong-hui zhang six students won the title of "outstanding individual" training; Contract management department Meng Lei got training title of "outstanding class committee"; With five Monkey King the team won the award for the training "champion team", four yuan Pan Xiaotao construction project from training "champion of the" title. Hr li-qiang zhang minister for training "outstanding individual", "excellent class committee", "the champion team" of students and study group awarded the honorary certificate.
Learn as a crossbow, just as the arrow. Only diligent study, growth ability, can be to meet the needs of the company pillars just. Companies are more for the majority of employees will continue to be committed to construct platform for growth of knowledge and talents of the stage, sailing for RGL project accumulation dynamics, energy reserves in the world.