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Company four courtyard young employees value competition ended discussion salon and experience exchange activities

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Company four courtyard young employees value competition ended discussion salon and experience exchange activities

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2015/10/20 00:00
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On April 30, 2015 morning, the company's four yuan young employees value discussion salon competition and experience exchange meeting was held the second conference room in the four yuan, deputy general manager, President and secretary of the party committee zhi-sheng zhang four yuan, four yuan, deputy party secretary yong-gang huang, architectural design and research of a dean of jiang-hua bai, Li Yu south prosperity company general manager, deputy director of the environmental protection and energy saving projects xian-ping wang, chief engineer Hao Zhenpeng wisdom of supervision, the human resources department minister wen-sheng Yang attended the meeting, the four school youth corps committee, young employees on behalf of a total of 39 people to attend the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by four hospital director of accounting computerization, youth corps committee secretary YanNa. Meeting marks the four school young employees value competition ended discussion salon and experience exchange activities.
In 2015, the "may fourth movement" youth day approaching, four school youth corps committee organized the event, to implement the company ZhiDaiHui conference spirit, according to the characteristics of young employees to promote implementation of value competition, guide the young employees to think in the present market competition situation and future development trend of the value of their existence, and how to realize their own value to create value for company, customer, so as to construct platform for talents cultivation, make young employees to set up clear career orientation, into the enterprise culture.
Was launched on April 9, the company is the scope in people under 35 employees, arranged three links of specific work. First link content, four school youth corps committee by researching a baseline, formulated the "comment summary table", luoyang five production oriented young employees to collect all kinds of problems, Suggestions for the next part of the collection of internal communication meeting provides a reference basis, discuss the young employees work more. Second part content, is the problem that will be collected for sorting, summary the hotspot and common problems, by each department according to actual conditions, organize discuss arrange department, leadership attaches great importance to the administration of the department, the youth corps cell meticulously, focus their discussion with professional communication, and other forms, organize the seminar of high quality. Because the first two links work content involves the professional technology, all have four school youth corps committee initiative, each department to organize and implement separately.
The third part content is organized by four school youth corps committee held discussion salon young employees value competition and experience exchange, luoyang was invited to attend main leaders of each department, production department, administrative department of the youth backbone focused on communication. Communication not only hope for young employees to provide a mutual communication, share experience, but also hope to provide a channel for department heads, to understand the department study, work and life situation of young employees, understanding of what you think, think, needs. Meeting agenda is divided into three, the first agenda "imagination" value competition, young employees in combination with the practical situation of department or individual, to the implementation of the competition value of the company, technology innovation jobs and career planning expounds his views and understanding, on how to make their own development and company development content such as resonance puts forward personal opinions, some specificity was put forward with the combination of job problems and confusion, the head of department immediately answer and feedback was carried out. Everyone in his speech to show the high participation and candid dialogue, exchange ideas, easy to talk about. Second agenda, "sharing experience exchange meeting" department of young employees represent the form of PPT stand of sharing, respectively for the department to carry out a sum-up is given of the seminar to share and through sharing, learned that this activity within the sector participation is high, the radiating surface is broad, on the one hand solved the young employees, especially new recruits in the practical problems encountered in production, on the one hand, make the department heads to young employees in work life feelings and confusion, and hope that the company or department which provide help for them. The third item on the agenda "remarks young employees", the leaders, in turn, young employees put forward from the Angle of their hope.
In the end, dean zhi-sheng zhang held friendly exchanges with young employees. Zhang Yuanchang first for the organization to carry out recognition and success, to communicate with all talk in share, he expressed his real feelings - "exciting". Then he combined with the theme of this activity, around the company since march of last year to carry out the value of competition strategy for discussion of a series of work to the young employees is presented and interpreted. Finally, zhang, dean of the center for young employees to put forward the "passion, attitude and position" six hope, and had just won the title of "national model worker" in 2015 the company's chief expert RuanBing comrade's growing experience and outstanding achievement, for example, to explain the passion, attitude and position for young employees the importance of good.