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Not to mention the many obstacles Aoyama Love and passion - the company went to schools by helping the poor mountainous areas of Sichuan donation

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Not to mention the many obstacles Aoyama Love and passion - the company went to schools by helping the poor mountainous areas of Sichuan donation

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2016/01/11 00:00
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Planes, trains, buses, motorcycles, three ...... removed all modes of transport, dressed in the morning rays of departure, after a day of hard work, closer, closer ...... leave them kids getting closer, in the dark the night finally arrived at the Sichuan Provincial.
To promote volunteering and community spread positive energy, the company Dandelion volunteer team in December 22 actively organized a "warm winter action, love to pass" love donation. Purpose is difficult to effectively help children in Sichuan Ebian County Daxianglin village to solve the problem of life, work, study encountered actually help them secure a warm winter, safe and happy New Year. This event has been the company's strong support, enthusiastic participation of the majority of employees, just one hour to raise eighteen boxes of materials. For as soon as the supplies to the hands of children, detailed understanding of local realities, to better promote social responsibility, corporate leaders appoint Wang Chan, highlighting two comrades were donated to the scene.
After a day of hard work, finally we reached the depths of the mountain areas. Ebian Yi Autonomous County of Sichuan Province, the urgent needs of the poor areas of concern and support, economic backwardness, poor roads, education lags behind, the old concept of children living here ...... urgently need attention and help they need care, care , requires a variety of resources to help them grow.
In two hours the rugged mountain road bumps, a local nonprofit organization, said the person in charge, where a three-year primary school education. After the third grade graduation most of the children no longer go to school, but in the family farm, fourteen-year-old girls are generally ready to get married. Many children need to go to school more than two hours of mountain. Many poor parents and children because of the concept of traffic would not go to school, the village is currently not in school children in the majority. Only two school teachers, for decades, including one as a substitute teacher or working here for 28 years, now a monthly income of only one thousand yuan, the best time of his life devoted in the mountains ......
It arrived half hilltop elementary school, close to noon. Teachers and more than 40 children have been waiting for us, they use innocent smile, warm applause and sincere tender "welcome" sound so that we moved. However, there is this reflected in your eyes, "Ruo small" elementary school, children who dilapidated clothes, open-air roof, windows and doors in unsightly, squeaky chairs on both a shiny dark chap hands kept waving ...... these difficult to imagine these kids are learning how to study here ...... most heartbreak kids have become accustomed to these, they also feel that life is so ......
At the donation ceremony, Wang Chan secretary of the teachers and students had a cordial sympathy, and hope that the students are able to study hard, no matter what difficulties and not give up the rights to study, I believe that knowledge to change the fate, convinced that through the efforts of certain you can realize their ideals. At the same time, I hope you believe that our country, society, corporate responsibility and caring people are actively concerned, it must be perfectly healthy growth, happily reading the future, with a grateful heart to return to the community. The only way out after the brief ceremony, all stationery, rubber boots, clothes and other supplies donated by the company in the field of distribution, and the scene at the same time the children were interaction, stimulate children's desire to know, to make them believe that learning is a change in the status quo . In the time we left, the children happy with us goodbye when they receive our hope that they "must learn", their response is consistent and pure sweet "good" ......
Junior strong, the country strong, young countries, wisdom. Young people are the flowers of the motherland and hope that they shoulder the responsibility and glorious mission, but because of remoteness, deep in the mountains, poverty and backwardness, the reasons for natural disasters caused some children even basic rights to education are not guaranteed, through donations activities can better motivate kids to read, help them improve their basic learning environment, but also hope that a wide number of people love to focus on public welfare, public welfare support. "As long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become a better human."
Aoyama mention many obstacles, Love and passion. Society there are many vulnerable groups in need of care and assistance, the company's donation also hopes to make modest corporate social responsibility, to carry forward the fine tradition of the crisis the poor, promote mutual friendship and cultural civilization, spread positive energy, the latter company will continue to organize such activities caring for the community to build a better, harmonious contribution to the force.