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Share knowledge sharing growth - the company held in Camp grassroots professional training Sharing

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Share knowledge sharing growth - the company held in Camp grassroots professional training Sharing

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2016/01/13 00:00
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Chunhui law back gradually, beginning Vientiane update. January 8, 2016, the company held in Camp grassroots professional training will share leadership of the company headquarters in Tianjin Auditorium (Luoyang video provided at the venue), the production department, management department, two units totaling more than 290 middle-level Officers and key employees involved in learning, the meeting was chaired by the Minister of Human Resources Zhang Liqiang, chairman Chen entitled to do reviews and concluding remarks.
Zhang Liqiang Minister presided over the meeting mentioned that the company attaches great importance to capacity-building, and training of young employees, since 2014 to date, the company Champion Training Camp Training group, kinds of advanced and more external communication department in the selection of 29 young employees, sub-five, went to Chengdu, each lasting 35 days training. In order to consolidate and timely share the results of training, the company organizing the sharing session, the voluntary registration of 6 participants divided into different themes to share.
Share training session, six young people express a share of the company to give training and sharing opportunities thanks, they expressed a strong willingness to share knowledge within the company, they each around different themes, combined with the company's own experience with the actual work carried out in good faith and wonderful to share, share informative, well-prepared, deep yet lively, mutually different style, in various forms, in the company of a truly learn, common benefit purposes.
Training will be divided into two share the afternoon, the morning will be shared in the human resources department Ji Mei Ting sharing the beginning, the first live training a brief introduction and review, after topics on workplace communication sharing, first introduced the basic communication meaning, purpose of communication is to reach a consensus, problem solving, communication is the highest level of influence. Secondly to listen, expression, ask questions, praise the skills of the last three levels of workplace communication: up, down and parallel communication, simple and concise summary of the issues that need attention and communication to help achieve effective communication skills. Then, construction of a hospital in order to highlight the lively opening mobilize the audience enthusiasm for learning, interactive questions, combined with a wealth of cases to share the knowledge of the results of thinking, the result is a kind of values, attitudes, responsibilities, the results are not equal to the task, the result is a time and valuable, can assessment. Finally, a change in the information center to share personal limits and harvest in training, and the training of its own thoughts and experiences, explain the primary managers practice what is leadership, leadership practice knowledge, no matter in what everyone kinds of jobs, we need to practice leadership, the development of personal charisma and interpersonal influence, in order to become a qualified managers ready.
Afternoon sharing session, first by the comprehensive management unit 杨智丹 bring share Kudan secretarial work law, and acted in the video clip for everyone vividly presented the "good" and "bad" behavior directed by contrast, nine secretarial work method and content is very important and are closely linked to each person's work, but also for the future of the work carried out to provide a standard of behavior that issued a notice, implement, re-inspection, ground preparation, fine ready, take notes, send records set responsibility to do the process. Next, from Luoyang Architectural Design and Research Hospital Zhou Hui, from professional, sunshine state of mind, empty cup mentality, win-win mentality and the boss mentality shared a five topics related to professional mentality with you. The center is a professional customer satisfaction, three basic points is responsible for the high standards of output, teamwork, responsibility for career, professional attitude is the key to change their mindset. Finally, the process of the Philippine Academy of Engineering Lu Yan to bring character color themes shared, analyzed the "red, yellow, blue and green" four color character, method and practice of get along, which is both an understanding of their process of self-cultivation, personal growth, but also to understand the process of others, understand others, to improve relations and eventually achieve "how do you want others to treat him, how to deal with him," the purpose, to create a win-win situation.
Finally, Chen will have the right to share the chairman made comments and concluding speech, speech pointed out: First, the purpose of sharing will be held to showcase one stage for young employees, to encourage their proactive to seize the opportunity to show, played in youth employees incentives and leading role, and second, managers at all levels should attach great importance to the training will learn to share, to establish results-oriented, with the ability to improve their management level, and recognition and attention training young employees, young employees help grow better and faster; second, fully affirmed the carefully prepared six sharers, content sharing will both coherent and not repeat, sharers strong language skills and rich manifestations are sharing sessions spice, but also on behalf of their performance the company's young employees better overall quality and ability, young people are the hope of the company's future development; third, and most important is the share of each topic will fit very practical work, has a strong practical significance, departments at all levels should be combined with practical in-depth study of the department, the control share issue carried out self-examination, looking for gaps, continue to improve and improve.
"Set the public thinking, Zhong Yi Guang", personal sharing and exchange of knowledge within the company, add up sand into the tower, the vapor condenses into the wealth of knowledge shared by the project, only to improve the ability of individual employees in order to promote the company's business capability and overall strength of the new development, the ability to be able to achieve with our customers to create a new situation of shared growth. Passion and sweat achievements of the past, wisdom and tenacity cast the future, studious Shansi, apply their knowledge, so that continuous learning become a voyage of steam power, employee growth to become the future energy fighting.