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Shanghao New Year PIEN first lesson - the company held seminars on duty crime prevention

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Shanghao New Year PIEN first lesson - the company held seminars on duty crime prevention

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2016/01/13 00:00
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As the company continued to promote clean government and guide the company's cadres, key staff positions understand the law school law abiding, and consciously resist corruption continue to build a strong ideology, January 9, 2016 in the morning, go to work after the first weekend of the New Year the company invited to Tianjin Nankai District Procuratorate Yan Sau lock Attorney do duty crime prevention special education seminars, company middle and above cadres, party branch secretary, discipline inspection committee, responsible for finance, subcontracting, procurement, and as a project manager and other key staff positions total 275 participants. Lecture by the Discipline Committee, deputy party secretary Zhang Huiyi chaired party secretary, Chen, chairman of the right to do after concluding speech.
Before lectures began to speak, first secretary Zhang Huiyi on the rule of law for the country and the importance of the enterprise, with the current national clean government and combat corruption initiatives and developments made to mobilize statement emphasizing the business law and the protection of honest business enterprise development the importance, he pointed out: the company currently starting implementation of the "five" plan, in the achievement of the internationally renowned engineering systems service provider journey, our business, leadership, cadres and employees have only to firmly establish the legal awareness and integrity awareness, according to the law business, honest business, in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of the business in order to achieve customer satisfaction, creating value for customers, clients and grow together, companies can truly achieve sustainable development.
Yan Attorney lectures from "What is job-related crimes and crime prevention duties," "job-related crimes and the law of state-owned enterprises prone" and "current characteristics and causes of job-related crimes," "crimes against duty crime" and "How prevention of such crimes, "the five aspects, citing the combination of ancient and modern and a lot truer corruption cases on the" theoretical concepts related to crimes committed ", policies, laws and regulations, aspects of job-related crimes occur on charges involved, and punishment according to standard filing, the current characteristics of duty crime, causes and how to prevent a deep interpretation in simple terms. Lecture effectively combine the characteristics of state-owned enterprise development, focus on explaining the enterprise financial management, business subcontracting, bidding, material procurement prone session, may involve the type of crimes committed, characteristics, causes, hazards and penalties based on how duty crime prevention work presents professional advice and recommendations, the end result is to education, to guide state-owned enterprises staff how to prevent job-related crimes, to remind all key positions in leading cadres and staff to continue to enhance learning, always remain sober-minded, self-police, self-examination , Shenshi, Shenwei, Cautiousness, always do alarm bells ringing.
Yan Attorney Attorney years in the front line, and leadership positions, not only have profound theoretical knowledge, academic attainments, but also witnessed a large number of real cases, in order to do this lecture, lecture he received the invitation after the company made a special trip detailed understanding of the company's overall situation as well as business, job settings, and in his spare time elaborate courseware, nearly two hours of great, profound lectures for all participants a vivid warning education classes, won warm applause .
Lectures end, the company secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Huiyi first made a concluding statement, combined with the content of the meeting he talked about today's lecture for us to explain what is job-related crimes, the type of state-owned enterprises may be involved in job-related crimes, characteristics, causes and hazards, and how to prevent post crime, in particular to help us define the concept of job-related crimes, and to clarify some of the misunderstandings and common understanding, defining some vague areas and boundaries, such as the reciprocity of human boundaries, etc., play videos are real living example, our education, touch and great shock, hand Mo stretch, will hand caught! Corruption money come only become final sentencing basis, both sad and funny! Every comrade knows not government business, unlike government agencies, but some comrades may not know many aspects of state-owned enterprises, in criminal matters with the government, "treatment" is the same. Although we did not find crimes committed company, but we have a need to raise awareness, alarm bells ringing, because the bank a thousand miles a dangerous thing, the vast majority of job-related crimes are criminals from thinking lax embarked on the road to ruin, it has become regular phenomenon. So, each of us from the ideological great attention from the conscious thinking and then act resolutely to this path blocked, never allow, never forgive occur Official Crime.
Finally, the company is entitled Party secretary Chen made an important concluding speech, he first affirmed the seminar for the overall management of our company in accordance with the law under the new situation, how to do, according to honest business, is a very important and very meaningful activities, he represents the company's Yan Attorney spare time to prepare materials to the company to do the training lectures thanked! Chen Shuji talked about today's training on the crimes committed by the content analysis, especially for the ten crimes committed acts deemed to include, so that we clarify the concept, a clear understanding, learned knowledge to understand the truth. Chen Shuji requirements in the future work of the most important thing is to pay attention to implementation, control and monitoring at the same time, preventive measures, first, as we have established enterprise system, strengthen supervision and management, everyone is responsible and care for manifestation , but also the need of enterprise development, in future work, we have to understand the associated support implementation of the system. Second, the hope that the leadership cadres, especially leading company level, particularly chairman and party secretary to take the lead, lead by example, self-discipline, the good implementation of the ongoing "three strict three real" campaign of the solid, the discipline, the rules quite in front, the law firm can not touch the bottom line. The third individual hope to keep learning, good worldview transformation, really good grasp of their own, achievements at work at the same time, more for the sake of themselves and their families, not to think, not what to do job-related crimes. Chen Shuji finally re-emphasize that the training is to let you know and understand the truth, the key is to be ready to execute and carry it out, through continuous learning, in terms of ideology to achieve true "do not want to rot."