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Happy communicate infinite love - 2016 Spring entertainment company successfully held

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Happy communicate infinite love - 2016 Spring entertainment company successfully held

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2016/02/01 00:00
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Happy communicate infinite love - 2016 Spring entertainment company successfully held

New Year, spring Pro earth flowers Yan;
Monkey back, a new section to human Vientiane.
January 30 morning, beaming down a company. For amateur rich cultural life of its employees, create a positive, healthy and harmonious corporate culture, company unions, the Communist Youth League, and four homes unions, the Communist Youth League jointly organized the 2016 New Year fete to such a gathered, enjoyable way He opened a prelude to the arrival of the New Year celebration. Activities were held simultaneously headquarters in Tianjin and Luoyang four homes, nearly 1,000 people attended the event. In the main event will be the court in Tianjin, the company deputy general manager Zhang Huiyi and union president Hwang Jung attended the launching ceremony of the event, Zhang companies to the workers and their families who work hard to pay thanked with warm and language extend new Year wishes, but also to encourage the staff, standing on the starting point of a new stage of development of the company, we must work together to move forward and create greater glories.
This year's Spring entertainment will be "happy to communicate, infinite love" as the theme, after careful planning, total design clever then bouncing ball, you draw I guess, happy darts, and other items back ball Relay fun little game. These sets informative, interesting, entertaining game in one project attracted many workers and their families to come to participate, before each game stalls are a long queue, up to seventy years of age the oldest old, down to the outspoken cute children, It enthusiasm, full of interest, team work, has witnessed a enjoyable scene.
Headquarters in Tianjin, Block B on the second floor of the public a space, full of people, a beacon red lanterns reflect expose a piece of happy and peaceful scene, workers and their families to share the joy in different games, the harvest of joy. Qiao then bouncing ball in activities, lovers hand in hand, mother and solidarity, even Yesun two generations together to participate in activities, collaboration, Qiao win the lottery each other; find fault with in the game, the children reacted swiftly and quickly grasp parents commentary successfully answer a difficult problem; happy Ping-Pong activities, workers and their families who can be described as "blowing lip sing roar, display can" ping-pong will be blown far from the bucket; chopsticks in the match, and more a family of three together into battle, from the hand chopsticks down, so that the hands of the chopsticks fall accurately bottle; of course, there by the families of employees who like traditional ring games, workers and their families who stood on the sidelines to see in front of people attending the event received a Lotteries, also lined up eager, bustling scene; extra cash, appetites and blindfolded nose affixed activity has been overwhelming majority of workers and their families responded enthusiastically. We shook hands lottery, a game and finish the same manner as before speeding rush to another game queued flourish again. Before every game are packed with participants and staff watch every game site do not come and go from time to time came, hearty laughter. End end of the event, participants happily exchanged for gifts, one will mind full of holiday gift to take home.
On the 7th floor of a new building complex in Luoyang four homes, "Home", workers and their families shuttling between different games. In clever crossing the creek activities, cheer loud, everyone hands and feet, coordination winning; the ball in the back of the relay fun game site, each group participant put the ball back to back clip, tacit cooperation, toward the end; fruit squatting squat, step on the balloon darts and happy activities, workers and their families are also Eight Immortals recount, by the strength of winning the lottery. Warm and relaxed mood with the participation of everyone in laughter with his hand to exchange their favorite lottery prizes, rewarding experience.
To promote the concept of public service for all, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, spread love, so that "love" has become a habit, while the Organization's activities, live entertainment is also a donation box, a few hundred dollars of contributions received during the event will be used in the future to children in poor areas of the donation.
The event was held in Tianjin, Luoyang two places at the same time, which lasted three hours, the work of the whole event well-organized, thorough in all aspects in place. Families have long expressed through the activities of the employees of the company's support and understanding thanks also to the families through the activities truly feel the positive, healthy and harmonious corporate culture. Employee families happy to say: "The company can organize such an event really good New Year, let us together to relax, particularly lively, very happy, so we personally feel the warmth of the steam. "
Sanyangkaitai, Dr. Chen Ying who spring to take advantage of;
Wan monkey Restoration, with the Grand Canal to heaven.
The 2016 New Year fete festive festive atmosphere, very active. These traditional activities loved by not only enrich the cultural life of the worker's pre-holiday, let us appreciate the deep "in taste", deepened the friendship between colleagues, and enhance workers' sense of belonging, enhance the company's cohesion centripetal force, effectively creating a more united and harmonious atmosphere for business, employees demonstrated a healthy mental outlook. Standing on the "twenty-five planning successful ending, three heroic entrepreneurs set sail," a new starting point, we have said that in the upcoming Year of the Monkey, to be more hard work, hard work, and contribute more wisdom and a brilliant future for the company power!
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